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Ava-Adjectives January 13, 2009

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Elsa and Preston have their first teeth. They emerged from their sore gums a few days ago and I say it is about time. No teeth in sight for Violet yet. Preston and I visited the GI doctor yesterday as a follow-up about his spit-up issues and Dr. Davies is very pleased with Preston’s daily weight gain and eating habits. He is still only about at the 3rd percentile for a boy his age (non-adjusted for prematurity) but he is healthy and strong and gaining all the weight he needs to in order to thrive.

I wanted to write about Ava-isms this entry. Ava has been so funny lately with the things that she says so I had to write them down.

Ava-isms for the day in the form of Ava-adjectives we enjoy:

Ava comes up with these adjectives and phrases and we don’t know where she hears them or learns them but we love them:

“Violet is scampering out of the gate”

“I want to take a bath with Violet and Elsa, but not with Preston because he is spensitive (sensitive)”

“your suckin air bud” – talking to Preston referring to the fact that his bottle is empty.

“Elsa’s on the trail” – talking about when one of the babies gets out of the playroom and starts crawling as fast as they can down the hall.

“Daddy, I will only give you kisses on your nose and forehead because your cheeks and chin are too crunchy and lips are too juicy.” The crunchy lips means that his scruff is too rough.

Until next time, the mothership is counting down her days until Hawaii.

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