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A Fresh Start January 7, 2009

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I try to be as honest as I can when I write my blog. I don’t want to sugar coat my life so when I go back to read my blog in 20 years I will think that this is not how I remember this time in my life. I also try to be as positive as I can even when I don’t feel like being positive. When I think about my last blog entry, I feel kind of guilty that I ended 2008 with that kind of an entry; but then again, maybe that is an appropriate way to end a year that has definitely had its fair share of downs. I think I will leave the new miserable behind in 2008 and start fresh in 2009.

For me, 2009 is filled with so much hope. First of all, I hope there will be less death in my family. Secondly, we have a new president who has promised us new hope for our country. I hope for a better economic outlook for our country in 2009 with less people losing their jobs and houses and more people who are able to enjoy the American dream once again. In 2009 Ava will start Kindergarten at Blue Oak which is just amazing to me. Before she starts Kindergarten, I hope to learn how to spell the word correctly. For some reason, I can never spell Kindergarten the right way and I am usually a pretty good speller. I am now looking into whether Ava will start in a tradition Kindergarten class or a Montessori. I know she will do well wherever I put her but I want her to excel like I know she can. I know, she is only 4, but every parent wants their kids to work to their potential right? In 2009 the babies will be turning one and will learn to walk and talk and I know I must sound crazy but I am so excited for that. I know our house and life will get crazier when they are walking but I also think we will have so much fun with them.

So, here I am putting the new miserable behind me in 2008 and starting with a fresh, positive outlook in 2009. I want to do more things for me – maybe get in shape, pick up a hobby and enjoy life.

One exciting bit of news is that Chris, Ava and I are officially going to Hawaii in April. I know, it sounds unbelievable that we would be able to pull this off but the Kotts invited us to go along for 5 nights in Kauai and we asked Dick and Sherri if they would be willing to watch the triplets and they accepted! So, we are staying at the Grand Hyatt for 5 nights and Ava will get to play with Kendall and Lauren the entire trip while I sit on the beach and read books and sip cocktails and chat with my friends 🙂 We can’t wait. Thank you Dick and Sherri for allowing us to go on this trip!

I wish everyone a wonderful and positive 2009.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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