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The New Miserable January 2, 2009

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I have found the new miserable; the new miserable of 2009. This is the miserable that can only come when you have four sick kids four and under – three of them being infant triplets. Stomach flus, writing deadlines, spilling coffee on your computer and all the other past miseries in life sans kids are so early 2000s. The new miserable of 2009 is upon me now and it is laughing in the face of what I previously thought was miserable. The new miserable 2009 consists of three babies with the stomach flu and colds, a bored preschooler, a husband who doesn’t handle illness well who has the stomach flu that rocked my world the week before last, and a wife and mother who is exhausted and has a cold.
If you have a weak stomach or do not enjoy the trivial details of tripletdome, please turn away. Do not read on ahead. Yesterday at around 3pm Preston had a poop that literally went up his back and ended at his neck. Seriously, he had poop on his neck. Last night at 10pm Elsa woke up and was crying because her little nose was stuffed up and she felt so sick. I finally got her down. At 11pm Violet woke up screaming. As I reached my hand in the crib I felt a wet sensation. I picked her up and took her into the bathroom and she had snot all over her face. Great, now Violet has a cold. I finally got her down and as I reached in her crib to put her in I noticed a lot of wet. Hmmm, that is curious. Oh well, I will just put a blanket down and lay her on the blanket. Well, in the morning when it was light enough to see in the crib I realized she had thrown up all over her crib. ALL OVER. I guess it is good that I had laid the blanket down so she didn’t sleep the rest of the night laying in her own vomit. What a good mom I am. So, after I put Violet back down Preston was crying and so I picked up Preston and rocked him and put him down and then Violet started crying again. This went on for an hour and a half. Chris was in San Diego enjoying a football game with his brother so he missed all the fun. I did finally get everyone to sleep for the night and then I dreamed of when Chris would get home and relieve me – save me from all these babies. Bad news would come for me in the morning.
Chris called me at the airport at 6:30am and I was so excited he would be home at 8:30am because I was sick and exhausted and all the babies needed me because they were all sick. At 8am Chris called with bad news: his plane was just leaving and he was delayed 2 hours. At 10am Chris called with more bad news; he had spent the entire plane ride throwing up and it looked like he now had the stomach flu. I did not have Laura that day and now I had 3 sick babies and a sick husband; oh, and I was sick too. The new miserable was in full effect.
These were my disgusting observances for the day:
-Cherrios stick nicely to snot under the nose. They can collect there like cherrios stick to paper with glue.
-Snot can hang from both nostils down past a child’s mouth and swing from side to side
-Chris makes inhuman noises while he is throwing up and I have never heard so much moaning in my life
– It is indeed possible for diarrhea to reach places on a baby’s body that doesn’t seem possible.
Okay, so enough about the new miserable of 2009. I survived taking care of all of those sick people on my own while I was sick myself which means that I can probably handle anything that comes my way. Other than the collaborative illnesses we have suffered in this house, we did manage to make it through the holidays without being sick. It was a wonderful hannukah and Christmas. Ava was old enough this year to light the candles by herself and we lit them each night in our window and said the prayer. Christmas was a frenzy of present opening and my parents as well as Molly, Nima and Ronin came over for our traditional breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls made by mom and the egg special made by my dad. By 3pm that day I was ready to take the tree down, and so was Chris. At one point Chris said, “why don’t you have Ava start taking the ornaments off the tree?” I said, “don’t you think we should at least wait until the day after Christmas?” We were very done with fallen needles and ornaments and babies pulling on Christmas lights.
For Christmas from Chris I got a Roomba (the vacuum – clean the floor woman!), a gym membership (get in shape woman!), an ironing board cover (get ironing woman!), and a cheese grater (get cooking woman!). I am truly a housewife; if I wasn’t sure before, I am sure now. But before my husband reads this and wants to kill me for making fun of his gifts on my blog, I must say that I wanted all of these items to make my life better in one way or the other. What can I say, I am a practical woman. No thank you to the diamond tennis bracelet and yes to the vacuum. One day I will trade my vacuums (all three) in for a regular maid and my minivan in for a sporty BMW – one day. J
Yesterday, Friday, the first day of the New Year, we loaded everyone up in the good ‘ol minivan and headed to the sun. We heard from our peeps in the Ville (Placerville) that there was sun up in those parts. We packed Ava’s new bike with the training wheels and the triplet Runabout stroller and went to the bike trail. Ava did an excellent job riding her bike and it was definitely good to get the babies outside for some fresh mountain air. Even Sagie got a walk today and she was one happy puppy. Of course at our stop in to Starbucks during our bike ride/walk we were a regular spectacle, it made it worth it because we got to see Gramma Jan, Auntie Kaely and Uncle Daniel and we love them. I do hope and plan to get all the kids outside for many family outings in 2009 and today was indeed a good beginning.
The babies are doing so great and we are proud of them everyday. They are all crawling and pulling themselves up onto things and starting to cruise around. They are good sleepers and good at entertaining themselves. They talk and play with each other and try and rip each other’s faces off. Ava gives them train rides around the house and they love it. Ava loves her sisters and brother and the feeling is definitely mutual. I hope they will always love each other as much as they do right now.
Happy New Year everyone. I will upload new pictures soon.
Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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