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A Big Smile January 30, 2009

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Today I attended a Celebration of Life for Brooke Colvin, a beautiful 31 year old friend to my sister and our family who died unexpectedly last week while hiking up Mount Hood with her new husband. In a freak and tragic accident a piece of ice fell and hit Brooke, knocking her down the mountain and killing her. An avid outdoorswoman, the memorial was held at Camp Lotus along the American River where she guided. The day was glorious with the sun warming our bodies as we listened to broken-hearted people celebrate Brooke through memories. I saw so many people from my past today there to honor a friend and it reminded me of what a village of people I live among. It is days like today that are here to remind us that we must enjoy every day and appreciate those who are in our lives and love each other up. When I think of Brooke, I think of a big huge beautiful smile radiating from her face. How else would one want to be remembered really?

Yesterday I visited girl triplets who are in their fourth week in the Sutter Memorial NICU. I give them all of my girl stuff when I am done with it and it is so nice to pass my girl clothes and towels on to a fellow triplet family. The girls were in the same room, Room D, that my babies were in for most of the time in the NICU. I got to hold one of the girls and it brought me right back to a time, almost a year ago now, when I would hold my babies in that exact spot. Interestingly, there was another set of triplets in Room D. For some reason, I was always surprised that we had the only set of triplets in the hospital at the time. The smells and the nurses bustling around tending to tiny or ill babies just brought it all back to me in an instant. I started to get a little teary as I entered the Special Care Nursery and bellied up to the sink to wash my hands before entering. What a special time in my life to have my babies there and know they were safe and growing and getting stronger each day. I was happy to have been able to go down and hold one of those triplet baby girls. My babies will never be so unbelievably tiny again.

I cherish every day I have with my kids and after today especially, I am happy to be able to do that. Today I watched Violet play the Kazoo, Elsa and Preston staring and smiling at each other from their booster seats for what seemed like a really long time, Violet cry when Elsa took the toy she was playing with, Ava telling us what 2 + 2 equals and doing a pretty good job counting to 100, Elsa get her fingers run over by a train and cry the saddest cry, Preston saying “mama, mama,” over and over, Violet rip my earring out of my ear, and Ava engaged in a conversation about complimenting people. While I spend so much time inside my house taking care of four little monkeys, my world is so big watching these kids learn and grow each day into happy people who I hope will have a zest for life and walk around with a big smile on their faces just as Brooke did.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


Sicko Part 2 January 25, 2009

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Elsa playing with the diaper pail – that’s sanitary

My little munchkins playing together

My sweet baby boy

Elsa getting a little Sagie love – also very sanitary

Sage yawning – all these babies are sooooooo boring

Ava and her great big smile

Well, the mothership has sunk once again. I am now on a mission to explore why I am always getting sick. I am always the first in this house to get sick, and then I give it to everyone else in the house and it is a bad scene. Well, this time I have strep. I went to lunch with Angela on Friday knowing I had a little sore throat but by the time I got home I felt very weird. For the rest of the day I lay in bed with a fever, sore throat and general misery. Luckily Laura was around to help and I also thought that someone was looking out for me since I got sick on Friday, the first day Chris was back in a whole week. Welcome home Chris; now you get to take care of 4 kids by yourself. So far, no one else has my strep but it is still early. I am on antibiotics and I relish in every pill I get to take to rid me of this wretched illness. The mothership will rise again and will start eating better and exercising and maybe that will prevent an illness or two in the future. I will mention though, that my dear, sweet husband turned to me last night as I had pryed myself from my bed to help feed the babies and get dinner myself, and said the following: “what are the chances that you made this whole illness up so you could get a whole day of rest in bed?” I had no comment to that other than, I’m blogging that. But Chris has been a great superdad, running around the house taking care of all the kids and making sure they are fed and taken well care of. It is hard for me to sit back in the bed and not have full control over the babies, but I am doing my best.
The kids are all doing so great and we are doing great with them since the babies are on such a fantastic schedule. It goes like this everyday and it does not deviate except for maybe a half an hour variance.
6am-6:30am – rise and shine
6:30 – bottle #1
7:30am- breakfast
8:30am – nap #1
10:30am – rise from nap and bottle #2

11:30 – lunch

1pm – nap #2
2:30 – rise from nap and bottle #3
5pm – dinner
6pm – bottle #4
6:30 – bedtime!

It is a nice schedule. The babies like it and they tell me by being happy and never complaining when they go down to sleep. They know what to expect and they like having their schedule to count on. The only problem with such a strict schedule is getting time to take the babies out of the house. I have guilt about them being in the house so much but I do try and remind myself that it is winter and once spring and summer get here we can go to the park and go swimming each day.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

Dusting Ourselves Off January 21, 2009

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“Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America. For everywhere we look there is work to be done. The state of our economy calls for action bold and swift, and we will act. Not only to create new jobs but to lay a new foundation for growth. We will build the roads and bridges, the electric grids and digital lines that feed our commerce, and bind us together. We will restore science to its rightful place and wheal technologies’ wonders to raise health care’s quality and lower its cost. We will harness the sun and the winds and soil to fuel our cars and run our factories and we will transform our schools and colleges and Universities to meet the demands of a new age. All this we can do. All this we will do.”
— President Barack Obama, January 20, 2009

Today is a very special day, no matter what your political beliefs are. When I woke up and turned on the television to see what was happening with the inauguration coverage, I was overwhelmed with the enormity of the crowds in Washington waiting to hear President Obama’s inauguration speech. My eyes automatically filled with tears and I haven’t really been able to get them to stop watering up since. I think it is because after a demoralizing 8 years with our last president, I can finally feel pride for my country again, and feel so much hope for the good President Obama and his people can do for us. When I look around me I see my friends and family losing their jobs, getting major salary pay reductions, losing their retirement nest egg with the declining stock market and losing their homes. I see businesses big and small going under. I see schools experiencing cutbacks. No matter what your political beliefs are, we all are seeking a little hope and change, if not for ourselves, then for those we love around us.
The reporters at the inauguration are saying that they have never in the history of inaugurations, seen the excitement that they are seeing about our new president. I don’t remember any other inaugurations in my lifetime; some I was too young to appreciate and others I was too disappointed to tune in. I noticed that this inauguration is playing in the workplaces, schools, and homes of most people I know. For me, President Obama’s speech did not disappoint; it was a enlightening, inspiring and did bring me hope.

Enough about the new President and now it’s all about me. Chris is in Chicago where it is freezing cold. He is giving a big presentation tomorrow morning that he has been working very hard on. I am here with the babies by myself today. It is nice to spend this time with them, watching them play and interact together. Meanwhile, Ava is testing out her skills as a skier with Grandpa Mike today. He has taken Ava up to Sierra to teach her how to ski and word just came in that the day was a big success. Grandpa Mike is such a kind and patient teacher and his main goal was to get Ava acclimated to the skiing environment. They did that and more – they went up the chair lifts and down the bunny slopes many times and I hear that a good time was definitely had by both. I haven’t seen Ava for the last two nights because she has had “sleepovers” at gigi and gramps house. She loves having sleepovers there because, besides loving gigi and gramps, Ava gets special individual attention at their house. At her own house she has to split the attention with three other little people and I am sure that can be hard for her.

I noticed a couple of days ago that it has been a year since I started blogging. On January 15th, 2008, I began my blog with three entries. Now I have 76 posts and I have yet to go back and read any of them for lack of time. In honor of my year anniversary as a blogger, I have put a new little gadget on the right hand side of the page that is called followers, where all my faithful followers can go and register in a quick and painless process.

The babies are 11 months old in two days and all I can say is that they are great babies. They are independent, fun, dynamic, happy, healthy babies. They are really starting to love each other and interact with each other. Lately I have noticed that Violet and Elsa hold hands in their booster seats while they are eating. I have seen Preston giving Elsa touches and loves in his booster seat as well. I know they love each other. I know they have a special relationship. And even though Ava did not share a womb with them, I know they all look up to Ava and love her so deeply. Next month we will be celebrating their 1 year birthday. Amazing. I am actually going to make it through the first year alive. I have certainly aged a few extra years with all these babies. I have rolled through the mud of motherhood on several occassions. I have “gone through the ringer” as a dad of quadruplets once described his first year with his babies to me. But as Obama so eloquently stated today, I always pick myself up, dust myself off and begin the work of remaking a new day. Plus, when I am old and wrinkled these kids can fund all the plastic surgery I will need.

Cheers to our new President.
Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


Ava-Adjectives January 13, 2009

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Elsa and Preston have their first teeth. They emerged from their sore gums a few days ago and I say it is about time. No teeth in sight for Violet yet. Preston and I visited the GI doctor yesterday as a follow-up about his spit-up issues and Dr. Davies is very pleased with Preston’s daily weight gain and eating habits. He is still only about at the 3rd percentile for a boy his age (non-adjusted for prematurity) but he is healthy and strong and gaining all the weight he needs to in order to thrive.

I wanted to write about Ava-isms this entry. Ava has been so funny lately with the things that she says so I had to write them down.

Ava-isms for the day in the form of Ava-adjectives we enjoy:

Ava comes up with these adjectives and phrases and we don’t know where she hears them or learns them but we love them:

“Violet is scampering out of the gate”

“I want to take a bath with Violet and Elsa, but not with Preston because he is spensitive (sensitive)”

“your suckin air bud” – talking to Preston referring to the fact that his bottle is empty.

“Elsa’s on the trail” – talking about when one of the babies gets out of the playroom and starts crawling as fast as they can down the hall.

“Daddy, I will only give you kisses on your nose and forehead because your cheeks and chin are too crunchy and lips are too juicy.” The crunchy lips means that his scruff is too rough.

Until next time, the mothership is counting down her days until Hawaii.

A Fresh Start January 7, 2009

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I try to be as honest as I can when I write my blog. I don’t want to sugar coat my life so when I go back to read my blog in 20 years I will think that this is not how I remember this time in my life. I also try to be as positive as I can even when I don’t feel like being positive. When I think about my last blog entry, I feel kind of guilty that I ended 2008 with that kind of an entry; but then again, maybe that is an appropriate way to end a year that has definitely had its fair share of downs. I think I will leave the new miserable behind in 2008 and start fresh in 2009.

For me, 2009 is filled with so much hope. First of all, I hope there will be less death in my family. Secondly, we have a new president who has promised us new hope for our country. I hope for a better economic outlook for our country in 2009 with less people losing their jobs and houses and more people who are able to enjoy the American dream once again. In 2009 Ava will start Kindergarten at Blue Oak which is just amazing to me. Before she starts Kindergarten, I hope to learn how to spell the word correctly. For some reason, I can never spell Kindergarten the right way and I am usually a pretty good speller. I am now looking into whether Ava will start in a tradition Kindergarten class or a Montessori. I know she will do well wherever I put her but I want her to excel like I know she can. I know, she is only 4, but every parent wants their kids to work to their potential right? In 2009 the babies will be turning one and will learn to walk and talk and I know I must sound crazy but I am so excited for that. I know our house and life will get crazier when they are walking but I also think we will have so much fun with them.

So, here I am putting the new miserable behind me in 2008 and starting with a fresh, positive outlook in 2009. I want to do more things for me – maybe get in shape, pick up a hobby and enjoy life.

One exciting bit of news is that Chris, Ava and I are officially going to Hawaii in April. I know, it sounds unbelievable that we would be able to pull this off but the Kotts invited us to go along for 5 nights in Kauai and we asked Dick and Sherri if they would be willing to watch the triplets and they accepted! So, we are staying at the Grand Hyatt for 5 nights and Ava will get to play with Kendall and Lauren the entire trip while I sit on the beach and read books and sip cocktails and chat with my friends 🙂 We can’t wait. Thank you Dick and Sherri for allowing us to go on this trip!

I wish everyone a wonderful and positive 2009.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


The New Miserable January 2, 2009

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I have found the new miserable; the new miserable of 2009. This is the miserable that can only come when you have four sick kids four and under – three of them being infant triplets. Stomach flus, writing deadlines, spilling coffee on your computer and all the other past miseries in life sans kids are so early 2000s. The new miserable of 2009 is upon me now and it is laughing in the face of what I previously thought was miserable. The new miserable 2009 consists of three babies with the stomach flu and colds, a bored preschooler, a husband who doesn’t handle illness well who has the stomach flu that rocked my world the week before last, and a wife and mother who is exhausted and has a cold.
If you have a weak stomach or do not enjoy the trivial details of tripletdome, please turn away. Do not read on ahead. Yesterday at around 3pm Preston had a poop that literally went up his back and ended at his neck. Seriously, he had poop on his neck. Last night at 10pm Elsa woke up and was crying because her little nose was stuffed up and she felt so sick. I finally got her down. At 11pm Violet woke up screaming. As I reached my hand in the crib I felt a wet sensation. I picked her up and took her into the bathroom and she had snot all over her face. Great, now Violet has a cold. I finally got her down and as I reached in her crib to put her in I noticed a lot of wet. Hmmm, that is curious. Oh well, I will just put a blanket down and lay her on the blanket. Well, in the morning when it was light enough to see in the crib I realized she had thrown up all over her crib. ALL OVER. I guess it is good that I had laid the blanket down so she didn’t sleep the rest of the night laying in her own vomit. What a good mom I am. So, after I put Violet back down Preston was crying and so I picked up Preston and rocked him and put him down and then Violet started crying again. This went on for an hour and a half. Chris was in San Diego enjoying a football game with his brother so he missed all the fun. I did finally get everyone to sleep for the night and then I dreamed of when Chris would get home and relieve me – save me from all these babies. Bad news would come for me in the morning.
Chris called me at the airport at 6:30am and I was so excited he would be home at 8:30am because I was sick and exhausted and all the babies needed me because they were all sick. At 8am Chris called with bad news: his plane was just leaving and he was delayed 2 hours. At 10am Chris called with more bad news; he had spent the entire plane ride throwing up and it looked like he now had the stomach flu. I did not have Laura that day and now I had 3 sick babies and a sick husband; oh, and I was sick too. The new miserable was in full effect.
These were my disgusting observances for the day:
-Cherrios stick nicely to snot under the nose. They can collect there like cherrios stick to paper with glue.
-Snot can hang from both nostils down past a child’s mouth and swing from side to side
-Chris makes inhuman noises while he is throwing up and I have never heard so much moaning in my life
– It is indeed possible for diarrhea to reach places on a baby’s body that doesn’t seem possible.
Okay, so enough about the new miserable of 2009. I survived taking care of all of those sick people on my own while I was sick myself which means that I can probably handle anything that comes my way. Other than the collaborative illnesses we have suffered in this house, we did manage to make it through the holidays without being sick. It was a wonderful hannukah and Christmas. Ava was old enough this year to light the candles by herself and we lit them each night in our window and said the prayer. Christmas was a frenzy of present opening and my parents as well as Molly, Nima and Ronin came over for our traditional breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls made by mom and the egg special made by my dad. By 3pm that day I was ready to take the tree down, and so was Chris. At one point Chris said, “why don’t you have Ava start taking the ornaments off the tree?” I said, “don’t you think we should at least wait until the day after Christmas?” We were very done with fallen needles and ornaments and babies pulling on Christmas lights.
For Christmas from Chris I got a Roomba (the vacuum – clean the floor woman!), a gym membership (get in shape woman!), an ironing board cover (get ironing woman!), and a cheese grater (get cooking woman!). I am truly a housewife; if I wasn’t sure before, I am sure now. But before my husband reads this and wants to kill me for making fun of his gifts on my blog, I must say that I wanted all of these items to make my life better in one way or the other. What can I say, I am a practical woman. No thank you to the diamond tennis bracelet and yes to the vacuum. One day I will trade my vacuums (all three) in for a regular maid and my minivan in for a sporty BMW – one day. J
Yesterday, Friday, the first day of the New Year, we loaded everyone up in the good ‘ol minivan and headed to the sun. We heard from our peeps in the Ville (Placerville) that there was sun up in those parts. We packed Ava’s new bike with the training wheels and the triplet Runabout stroller and went to the bike trail. Ava did an excellent job riding her bike and it was definitely good to get the babies outside for some fresh mountain air. Even Sagie got a walk today and she was one happy puppy. Of course at our stop in to Starbucks during our bike ride/walk we were a regular spectacle, it made it worth it because we got to see Gramma Jan, Auntie Kaely and Uncle Daniel and we love them. I do hope and plan to get all the kids outside for many family outings in 2009 and today was indeed a good beginning.
The babies are doing so great and we are proud of them everyday. They are all crawling and pulling themselves up onto things and starting to cruise around. They are good sleepers and good at entertaining themselves. They talk and play with each other and try and rip each other’s faces off. Ava gives them train rides around the house and they love it. Ava loves her sisters and brother and the feeling is definitely mutual. I hope they will always love each other as much as they do right now.
Happy New Year everyone. I will upload new pictures soon.
Until next time, the mothership is signing off.