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Festive Times at the Woolseys December 10, 2008

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Nothing says Christmas like an impromptu
Santa crotch grab

Preston James

Violet June

Elsa Marin

Triplets eating Baby Mum-Mum rice snacks

Hunting down the Woolsey Christmas tree

The Hosseinis and mom joined us on our search for the
perfect Christmas tree. We had to settle for less than
perfect since we had many onory kids on our hunt with us

Ava’s Christmas tree that she worked very hard to decorate
this year

It has been an eventful week. I can’t seem to catch my breath between Christmas shopping and taking care of four kids. Chris has been able to take some time off of work and so we have cut back on Nanny Laura during the day and use her at night more for our xmas parties.
Last night Chris and I had our annual neighborhood progressive dinner which was so much fun as usual. Our three hosts went all out and provided such a nice spread of drinks, food and holiday cheer. We got home at around midnight and proptly fell asleep but then I woke up a short while later with a stomach ache which not even a good dose of Pepto Bismal could cure. I tossed and turned and moaned and groaned. I tried to think of why this was happening to me when I stopped drinking way before I normally would. My conclusion is that it was a combination of wine, two helpings of delicious Indian food at Ed and Heidi’s house and some crazy hard liquor cocktails at Dawn and Fred’s. It sure was fun going down though.

Today we had Santa’s Brunch at the Kott house which is always so much fun each year. Everyone brings a delicious brunch item and Santa makes his appearance so the kids can all sit on his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas this year. Ava told Santa she wanted a bike. Phew, that is good since that is what Santa is bringing this year. The babies did fine, although there were so many people there and it was a bit overwhelming for them. My visions of babes playing with each other and exploring the Kott home on all fours vanished quickly and I knew right away that it would be a challenge just to get them to let someone else hold them. They did great though. Our friend Gianna held either Elsa or Preston the entire brunch. She didn’t take Violet because she claims that Violet doesn’t like her. Oh Violet – my particular Violet, just like her big sister.

Ava at the Nutcracker

The fun didn’t end there for Ava Rose. Gigi got tickets for her and Ava to go see the Nutcracker ballet today as well as a meet the characters and get autographs afterparty. It was a HUGE hit. Ava was well behaved, which is a breath of fresh air of late, and had fun posing for pictures with all the ballerinas. She is determined to be a dancer in the Nutracker one day. And she probably will be because according to Ava, “I can do anything as long as someone teaches me”. What a great Gigi to take Ava for such a special day.

On a random note, the triplets have left their mark on my teeth. I went to the dentist for my routine cleaning – I haven’t been for two years mind you – and three of my teeth on the bottom front of my mouth are starting the lovely process of decay. Apparently one of the side effects of pregnancy, especially when pregnant with higher order multiples, is that your gums can swell and actually cover the lower part of your teeth, trapping bacteria in there so when you are no longer pregnant and think you are moving on with your life unscathed by the physical trauma of carrying three babies in your body at the same time, you find out that your teeth have slowly been rotting away. As I was sitting in the chair literally being tortured by my dentist’s sharp pokey object pressing into my decayed area, I actually had visions of all my teeth having to be pulled out like my grandmas were. I was traumatized. So, I guess I have to go in this week for my fillings on the front of my teeth. Sigh.

In other news, Violet sustained her first major injury, and the first triplet injury insofar. Bright and early last week she crawled up to Ava’s chair, stood up and proceeded to fall backwards while still holding the chair. The chair slammed into her little nose and she screamed and started crawling away from the chair really fast like it was coming after her. Her nose later bled. It was so sad. Her nose hurt her for a couple of days, and now she is back to her normal Junebug.

It is during this time last year that I was just settling down in my bed for a little self-induced bedrest each day. I was so miserable but I went to all the Christmas parties, barely fitting into maternity dresses and hardly able to walk or even stand for very long. As I celebrate the holiday season this year I am very grateful to not be pregnant with triplets and to be able to enjoy my healthy babies and have my body back again to take me comfortably through the end of the year. Christmas festivities are in full swing. Shopping is happening, dinner parties are starting, and decorations are all up. I hope everyone is having a great season so far.
Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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