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Perspective November 10, 2008

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A common comment I get from friends is “when I am having a hard day with my kids I just think about you and it puts things in perspective”. I have to admit, if I were on the outside looking in at myself in my current situation I would think I don’t know how anyone could do that. When I had Ava I wondered how anyone ever managed twins since I had such a hard time with one. Yes, it is a hard job for sure taking care of these triplets and Ava and making sure we do a good job. Some days are really hard and frustrating and other days are just fun and filled with smiles and love. I suppose that is the same for every parent no matter how many kids are involved, but just different for us since everything is times 3.

I have not had any help this week because Nanny Laura has pneumonia and Kathy who helps me on Thursdays is taking a much deserved vacation. I am flying solo. Chris is gone Wednesday and Thursday to San Francisco which leaves me and four kids all day and all night and then all day again. I had my mom and dad come tonight and feed babies and put them to bed with me which was great. At the end of each the night I hop into bed and I can literally feel my entire body tingle from exhaustion. I say to myself, I made it through another day hallelejah. Last night I was asleep by 8:30.

Some days I long for some alone time or a vacation and other days I am completely content with my role as mothership. Some days I feel sorry for myself that we miss out on so many things because we have so many little kids and they need to be in bed by 6:30pm, but most days I feel proud that I have all these beautiful children to take care of and relish in learning about each of their unique personalities. At the end of every day I thank goodness I have this family and that these babies are healthy and happy and that is most definitely the truth. My friend Emily whose triplets are a month older than mine told me in an email recently that she thanks god each day for her babies. Our jobs as mothers of higher order multiples are hard and stressful and labor intensive, but there is so much love that it makes up for the back-aches (from carrying babies all day), and stress of crying babies, or the stress that the babies are going to wake each other up.

So many new things have happened that I feel compelled to put them down in a list in no particular order:

* Elsa found standing up in her crib which has yet to be lowered. How she managed to NOT fall out of the crib is a miracle.

* Preston had a double ear infection and is on antibiotics and is now a happy boy again

* Ava threw up three times in a row Saturday night all over the playroom and then proclaimed proudly immediately upon completion “I feel better now!!” She hasn’t been sick since.

*Elsa is cracking me up because wherever you are sitting in a room she crawls to where you are and gets a firm hold of your clothing, skin or body hair, whichever one her little hands happen upon first, and pulls herself up and will not, for the life of her, let go. So until you literally pry her small clutching hands from yourself you will remain attached to Elsa.

* Violet crawls from toy to toy in her playroom all day long and keeps herself very entertained. Today she crawled herself on over to where Ava was playing on her computer, and Violet got on her knees and held on to Ava’s computer bench and watched Ava play her computer games for awhile. It was so cute.

* Preston can sit up for short periods of time before slamming his big noggin on the ground

* Elsa has found a new voice and says all day long “baaa, baaaa, baaa, baaaa” very loudly and with conviction.

* Elsa and Violet are still not used to the time change and cry from 5:30-6 each night until they get their bottle and go to bed.

* The girls crawl and pull themselves up on things and Preston still rolls. He rolls and rolls.

* The babies eat three solid meals a day and 4 7-oz. bottles each day. They have fruit for breakfast, veggies for lunch and meat and veggies for dinner, all ground up into a scrumptuous looking meal.

That is what is going on in a nutshell over here at the Woolsey 6 household. We are gearing up for the holidays and have many fun and festive plans ahead. More on that later.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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