Woolsey Family Chronicles

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Halloween, Elections and Crawling November 4, 2008

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From Left: Elsa the bumble bee, Violet the red hot
chile pepper, Ava the can can dancer and Preston
3 peas in a pod

Grandpa Mike and Elsa and Gramma Jan

Lauren, Ava and Kendall with a curtsy

Ava and her friends Trick or Treating

Running from house to house looking for candy

The triplets in the triplet mobile head to the neighborhood park
for a little pre-Halloween party

Nima, Molly and Ronin the frog

The neighborhood possy before they broke off for trick or treating

The last time we saw Ava wearing the feather portion of
her costume. It is now one with the earth somewhere in
the park.

Ava is pleased with her stash. Little does she know that
Mommy and Daddy are going to slowly but steadily
help her eat all her candy.
At the Woolsey house we LOVE the holidays. We anxiously wait for them and start celebrating them a little on the early side. Ava is the ringleader of our zest for the holidays. As an example, the day after Halloween, I heard Ava singing Jingle Bells and then she asked me “whens it going to be Christmas???” It’s hard to keep up, and I’m sure when her sisters and brother get older they will share her enthusiasm for the holidays.
Halloween was a success this year. At 4 years old Ava is an old pro at the Halloween tradition. First of all, she is a die hard sweets fan which is one good reason to love Halloween, and secondly she loves to dress up. She had her can can dancer costume picked out a month in a half in advance and never swayed from her decision once. The triplets got to wear what we felt fit their personalities the best: Violet of course is the red hot chile pepper in honor of her firey personality. She is happy and laughing hysterically one minute and the next minute she is devastated. Elsa is a bumble bee because she is just so darling and sweet but has a vicious sting when she is playing – hair pulling, ripping your face off, etc. Preston is 3 peas in a pod because I just felt he would be cutest in that costume.
We had a very fun gathering of friends over on Saturday night for a political debate. Chris, who knows so much about this election and is a staunch Obama supporter, debated our friend Dan who is a lawyer and a staunch supporter of McCain. It was interesting and enlightening and fun and I think we all learned a lot. Nobody changed their vote to the other party but that wasn’t the point. The point was actually to lay all the information out for our friend’s Bob and Angela who were undecided voters. I am happy to say that Chris was able to convince them through providing all of Obama’s stances on political issues, to vote for Obama (sorry Lisa and Dan – hee hee). Anyway, it was very interesting and fun and I was proud that we could all get together and talk politics and all end up still friends. Anyway, today is election day and we can’t wait to hear what the outcome will be.
Well, the girls are off and crawling like crazy. They are crawling so well that I cannot leave them alone in a room by themselves, except for the playroom which is a safe zone. Violet is already trying to learn how to pull herself onto her feet. I am pretty sure she will be the first walker. Preston is just sweet Preston. He won’t crawl, he won’t sit, but he does say MAMA! Yeah! My boy loves his mama.
Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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