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Evolving with the Kids October 19, 2008

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Phew! That week is over. Our week started out with our beloved nanny Laura calling in sick on Monday and I don’t have any help on Tuesdays so my first couple days of the week were hard. What made it harder was that all the babies were sick so we invested heavily in humidifiers and Vicks Vapors of different varieties to try to get them better ASAP. Walking into the babies’ room was like walking into a rainforest of Eucalyptus trees. It was quite nice I must say. I wish I could’ve slept in there for a night. By Wednesday I had Laura back but Chris left. I was on my own in the wee hours of the morning to fend for myself, although I picked up some help in the evenings – thanks mom and dad! It was a hard week and I was certainly glad to see Chris come home. I must say that through the entire week the babies were ill, they only had one bad night of sleep and the rest of the night’s they slept through, just waking up a little earlier than normal. I’ll take it!

It is amazing how quickly the triplets are growing. They are almost 8 months old now and the girls are starting to learn how to crawl. Violet is doing the up on the hands and knees and she can take a few crawl moves that transitions into a lunge. She can pretty much get herself anywhere she wants to go in a room. Elsa is just a little behind Violet in crawling. Preston – well, Preston just lays on his back and rolls around. They all love to play in their exersaucers but are growing out of the glider that brought us so much happiness because the babies did so well in it. They are also quickly losing interest in the activity mats. They used to think the lights and toys hanging from the mats were funny and exciting but as old 8 month olds they are finding them boorrriinnnnggggg. I am constantly transitioning clothes and household items to evolve with three growing babies. I recently went through the closets of 4 small children and took out all the summer clothes and replaced it with winter clothes – size 4 for Ava and size 6-9 months for the babies. This was a two day process. Now I am working on the playroom, transitioning it as the babies development grows and changes. I now lay blankets out on the floor and scatter toys around and let them crawl, scoot, lunge and roll around to find the different toys and play with them. It is so amazing to watch everything they can now do.

Last night Chris and I had a date! It was so amazing but we actually got to go see a movie and then go to a really nice dinner in downtown Sacramento. Auntie Kaely and Uncle Daniel wanted Ava to come for a sleepover Saturday night and so we got Laura to come and watch the babies. Chris and I looked at each other several times on the way down to the movie and said, “can you believe we are doing this? A movie and dinner?” We felt so lucky. At times like last night when we are so very appreciative for one night out, it makes us laugh at our childless days in San Diego when we did whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. These days with triplets and their wild big sister, everything must be planned out perfectly in order for us to go out. I am not complaining. This is my new life and it is indeed richer for all these small monkeys. It was a fabulous night out and we enjoyed a great bottle of wine and delicious food. We even got to sleep until 7am on Sunday . . . thank you babies.

Today our big outing was a trip to the park in the stroller. We loaded up the babies and Ava and Sage walked and we went to the park across the street where there are swings and play equipment. I put Violet and Elsa back to back in one swing and Preston in another swing with towels behind him to prop him up better. Ava rode on the big girl swing. The babies loved swinging. The girls were in their swing for about a half and hour, very peaceful and content. Preston was having the time of his life in the swing for about 10 minutes and then he was quickly done with that. Next. We had a small picnic at the park and then headed back before the babies were tired enough to fall asleep in their strollers. It was a beautiful day.

Next week is a week full of shots – Ava has her 4 year vaccines, and everyone gets flu shots. I am sure we will have many tears but healthier babies for sure.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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