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The Circle of Life October 2, 2008

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My Nanna passed away yesterday. She was 90 years old and had an interesting life that included a stint in the British Army and then a move across the pond to America with her husband, my Gramps (who passed away in 1984) and her young daughters. My mom got to say goodbye to her a few weeks ago. I know that no matter how old you become and how long a life your mother has lived, it doesn’t make it any easier to have her pass away. My mom has been through a lot this year with so many deaths in our family, especially in her immediate family, and right now I am happy that she is up in Tahoe having some reflective time.

We have had a lot of loss in our family this year. My grandma died in January, followed by my Auntie Joyce in England and then my Aunt Janet in July and now my Nanna. At the same time we have had four new lives enter our family with the birth of the triplets and Ronin. The circle of life has certainly been a big part of our 2008.

As I have witnessed so many lives come to a close this year I can appreciate even more the four lives that we have brought into the world – our Ava Rose and then the triplets that we were told we would never have. Every day Chris and I give these little creatures as much love as we have within us even though our days are busy and we are overextended.
We will miss Nanna.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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