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Can Can Dancer and 8 Month Babes October 26, 2008

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Ava as a Can-Can Dancer for Halloween
My babies are growing up so fast. They just turned 8 months and they are exploding with developmental growth. Elsa has completely grown out of her acid reflux. She is off her Nexium and hardly spits up at all. She is almost crawling and went from only sitting for a minute at the end of last week to sitting for a really long time before teatering over to one side. She is also trying to go from a laying down position to a sitting position and has almost made it.

A few days ago I walked into the nursery and Violet was on her knees with her hands firmly grasping the top of the crib and she was laughing with delight. She was so delighted with herself that she was on her knees holding on to the top of the crib and she could barely contain herself. She laughed in that Violet kind of laugh and then I laughed. We both shared a good laugh and then I said to myself, crap, she is going to fall out of the crib soon! Time to lower the mattress. A few weeks ago Violet would take one coordinated crawl — one knee, one arm motion — before moving into her forward lunge to grab a toy. That evolved into the “I got shot in one leg” crawl where she used one leg and her arms, the other leg dead to the world. Today, she is a proud crawler. All of this progression transpired over a few short weeks. She does a real honest to goodness crawl from one end of the room to the next, sometimes laughing at herself along the way. She is a woman of many emotions, going from ecstatic to erratic all within one minute. Oh, shades of her older sister. It is a red-headed quality for sure.

Preston is a joyous boy of late. He wakes up with a huge smile on his face and continues with his jovial spirit throughout the day. Sometimes I hear him kicking his mobile in the middle of the night in an attempt to get it to start, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. I go up to check on him and he is wide awake and gives me the biggest grin in the world. I feel so loved like there was no one else in the whole world he would rather see at 3am other than me. Of course, maintaining my stringent sleep training, I don’t dare pick him up. I only put my hand on his sweet little face and give him a big smile back and then I go back to bed.

Preston likes to hear himself scream and these days he is only getting around by rolling. I told him that he better work on his crawling skills since the girls are pretty much crawling and are going to literally plow right over him. That is what my triplets do – they roll over each other, grab each others feet, face, limbs, try and rip each others eyes out, fun stuff like that – and if the baby girls have crawling down before him, he is sure to be crushed. They do it in love though, I swear. You should see the smiles on their faces when they see each other.

A few days ago Preston fell out of his Bumbo seat that I put on the kitchen table and feed them in. They have been trying for months to climb out of that thing and the other day I was standing right there, luckily, since I am not always standing right there, and Preston leaned over to get something and gracefully fell from the seat and hit his head on the kitchen table and would’ve proceeded over the table onto the ground if I wasn’t there to catch him. Guess what I went out and bought? Yep, three booster chairs that I can strap them in and that has a tray.

The award for most adored in the household goes to Ava Rose. Those babies light up like the messiah has entered the room when Ava appears. Ava loves her babies just as much. She says she is the boss of the babies. I know she says this because it makes her crazy that she isn’t the boss of Chris and I and she is sure she should be the boss of someone, so she has claimed that she is and will forever be the boss of the babies. I told her the other day that one day the babies might not be so compliant with her communist rule. She didn’t care.

The Ava-ism for the day:

“Violet is the prettiest baby, Elsa is the funniest baby and Preston is the most handsomest baby.”
Asked by Chris, “Ava, why is Violet the prettiest baby?” “Because she has red hair like me”.

Today we went to the Country Days Halloween bash which was so much fun. There were games, candy, cupcakes and the kids looked so adorable in their costumes. Ava is a Can Can dancer this year and her costume is so adorable, which is nice since I paid too much money for it.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


Evolving with the Kids October 19, 2008

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Phew! That week is over. Our week started out with our beloved nanny Laura calling in sick on Monday and I don’t have any help on Tuesdays so my first couple days of the week were hard. What made it harder was that all the babies were sick so we invested heavily in humidifiers and Vicks Vapors of different varieties to try to get them better ASAP. Walking into the babies’ room was like walking into a rainforest of Eucalyptus trees. It was quite nice I must say. I wish I could’ve slept in there for a night. By Wednesday I had Laura back but Chris left. I was on my own in the wee hours of the morning to fend for myself, although I picked up some help in the evenings – thanks mom and dad! It was a hard week and I was certainly glad to see Chris come home. I must say that through the entire week the babies were ill, they only had one bad night of sleep and the rest of the night’s they slept through, just waking up a little earlier than normal. I’ll take it!

It is amazing how quickly the triplets are growing. They are almost 8 months old now and the girls are starting to learn how to crawl. Violet is doing the up on the hands and knees and she can take a few crawl moves that transitions into a lunge. She can pretty much get herself anywhere she wants to go in a room. Elsa is just a little behind Violet in crawling. Preston – well, Preston just lays on his back and rolls around. They all love to play in their exersaucers but are growing out of the glider that brought us so much happiness because the babies did so well in it. They are also quickly losing interest in the activity mats. They used to think the lights and toys hanging from the mats were funny and exciting but as old 8 month olds they are finding them boorrriinnnnggggg. I am constantly transitioning clothes and household items to evolve with three growing babies. I recently went through the closets of 4 small children and took out all the summer clothes and replaced it with winter clothes – size 4 for Ava and size 6-9 months for the babies. This was a two day process. Now I am working on the playroom, transitioning it as the babies development grows and changes. I now lay blankets out on the floor and scatter toys around and let them crawl, scoot, lunge and roll around to find the different toys and play with them. It is so amazing to watch everything they can now do.

Last night Chris and I had a date! It was so amazing but we actually got to go see a movie and then go to a really nice dinner in downtown Sacramento. Auntie Kaely and Uncle Daniel wanted Ava to come for a sleepover Saturday night and so we got Laura to come and watch the babies. Chris and I looked at each other several times on the way down to the movie and said, “can you believe we are doing this? A movie and dinner?” We felt so lucky. At times like last night when we are so very appreciative for one night out, it makes us laugh at our childless days in San Diego when we did whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. These days with triplets and their wild big sister, everything must be planned out perfectly in order for us to go out. I am not complaining. This is my new life and it is indeed richer for all these small monkeys. It was a fabulous night out and we enjoyed a great bottle of wine and delicious food. We even got to sleep until 7am on Sunday . . . thank you babies.

Today our big outing was a trip to the park in the stroller. We loaded up the babies and Ava and Sage walked and we went to the park across the street where there are swings and play equipment. I put Violet and Elsa back to back in one swing and Preston in another swing with towels behind him to prop him up better. Ava rode on the big girl swing. The babies loved swinging. The girls were in their swing for about a half and hour, very peaceful and content. Preston was having the time of his life in the swing for about 10 minutes and then he was quickly done with that. Next. We had a small picnic at the park and then headed back before the babies were tired enough to fall asleep in their strollers. It was a beautiful day.

Next week is a week full of shots – Ava has her 4 year vaccines, and everyone gets flu shots. I am sure we will have many tears but healthier babies for sure.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

The Triplets Go Shopping October 10, 2008

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I find it increasingly difficult to find the time to write my blog, which is sad. I have time after 7:30pm when all the kids are down for the night, but by the end of the day my brain and body are mush. I don’t have the energy to think or write.

So I am sitting in Sartory Coffee while Ava is in preschool and Nanny Laura has the babies and I am drinking my very strong cappucino and super fattening coffee cake and I am determined to catch myself and my avid blog followers, all four of you, up on the life of the Woolsey 6.

On Sunday Chris and I decided to take all four kids to Arden Fair Mall mainly so we can all get out of the house. Sometimes I feel badly for the triplets because they just don’t get out of the house like singletons do. I want them to get out and experience the world like they deserve to. And I needed desperately to get out of the house myself.

To say we were a circus show would not be too far from the truth. I was not looking forward to garnering so much attention but as long as I have to go out with the triplet stroller in public it is inevitable. So I prepped Chris on what we would do as we were approached by strangers oogling and googling and making their nice comment as well as their rude ones. I told Chris, based on what fellow triplet moms have suggested, that when people stop to stare and talk that we are polite but we don’t have to feel compelled to stop and chat with every onlooker and curious shopper.

Our first encounter was a pleasant one. It was a woman and her daughter at Pottery Barn Kids and she said to us “I know you will get stopped a lot today and I don’t want to be annoying but I just wanted to tell you they are just adorable and how old are they?” She went on to tell us how lucky and blessed we are and how jealous of us she is. About 5 minutes later she comes up to us and says, “is this your red head also?” speaking of Ava. We told her it is and she said “oh, now I am so jealous I could cry.” It was so sweet. Then came the disheveled man who took one look and said “geez, I am glad it is them and not me!!”. Yeah, I am too guy.

So, it was difficult feeding all three babies and keeping up with Ava’s steady stream of demands in the Nordstrom Mother’s Room. The babies were not happy with their cold bottles and they needed a nap and didn’t want to take one in the Runabout stroller. That was hard. But when we were done feeding them we cruised around the mall with everyone, Ava rode on the Merry Go Round and we all had some lunch. Then something cool happened. An 85 year old man came running up to Chris (I was with Ava in the Disney Store) and waved to his identical twin brother to come. They said they were two of three, and sure enough there came the third – the third to make triplets. They were born triplets 85 years ago and that day they were still together shopping at the mall. It warmed my heart. It really did. To think that all four of my kids would be shopping together at 85 made me feel very warm and fuzzy inside.

All things considered, they were good babies. And we almost made it out of the mall without a really rude comment and as we were walking through the doors out of the mall some woman said “oh, that is my nightmare right there.” Nice. People just don’t think before they blurt things out.

That night we went to my parent’s house for dinner and the kids hung in there but the babies were so overtired by this point and Preston fell asleep in his carseat, Violet fell asleep on me and Elsa, good little Elsa, just entertained herself on her activity mat. The babies would’ve been better doing only one big activity that day but we all survived and had fun mixed with a little stress.

Wednesday I took Elsa to Auntie’s house to bring some dinner and visit with Ronin who was sleeping the whole time I was there. I got to peek in on him while he was peacefully sleeping in his bassinet and he looked so peaceful and sweet and small. It made me think that my babies are growing up so quickly and they are my last babies so I treasure each day with them while they are so small and sweet.

Yesterday Chris took the afternoon off and we took Ava and Preston to have lunch in Placerville with Gramps and then we headed up to Apple Hill and got some apple donuts and pumpkins. We went to O’Hallorans Ranch where we have been getting pumpkins and apples from Pat and Donna O’Halloran since I was about Ava’s age. Now my kids are getting their pumpkins and apples there and it felt really special. In the middle of the pumpkin patch Ava proclaimed “I love Halloween”. We picked out some great pumpkins and Ava got to see scarecrows galore, which are her favorite things at Halloween other than candy. Preston was a good little boy but we were all underdressed because Fall was definitley in the air and mommy thought it was going to be 80 degrees again.

Today Elsa has a little cold and I feel badly for her. I am not looking forward to a winter with four sick kids. Maybe I could just go into hibernation and wake up in the spring when it is warm and people aren’t sick anymore. Sigh.

Well, these are scary and interesting times with the stock market plummeting and the presidential election getting more and more heated. Our house is very political right now. Let me put it this way, Ava knows Barack Obama and John McCain by sight, name and sound. She may know more about this election than the average American. I wish she could cast her vote because she has her choice for President nailed down. Go Barack Obama!!

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


The Circle of Life October 2, 2008

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My Nanna passed away yesterday. She was 90 years old and had an interesting life that included a stint in the British Army and then a move across the pond to America with her husband, my Gramps (who passed away in 1984) and her young daughters. My mom got to say goodbye to her a few weeks ago. I know that no matter how old you become and how long a life your mother has lived, it doesn’t make it any easier to have her pass away. My mom has been through a lot this year with so many deaths in our family, especially in her immediate family, and right now I am happy that she is up in Tahoe having some reflective time.

We have had a lot of loss in our family this year. My grandma died in January, followed by my Auntie Joyce in England and then my Aunt Janet in July and now my Nanna. At the same time we have had four new lives enter our family with the birth of the triplets and Ronin. The circle of life has certainly been a big part of our 2008.

As I have witnessed so many lives come to a close this year I can appreciate even more the four lives that we have brought into the world – our Ava Rose and then the triplets that we were told we would never have. Every day Chris and I give these little creatures as much love as we have within us even though our days are busy and we are overextended.
We will miss Nanna.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.