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Road Trip 2008 September 25, 2008

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We are now driving down highway 5 toward The Woolseys of Westlake’s home in beautiful Thousand Oaks and we have been taking in the stench of the poop of a thousand cows for literally 20 minutes now. Occasionally Ava peers out from her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movie and says in an extra loud voice because she is wearing headphones “what is that smell?”. It is now 8:30 and we have been on the road since 7pm. We spent the entire day packing for this trip while taking care of four kids, which was no easy task. Our minivan doesn’t look as ridiculously loaded as one might think it would in our situation. Luckily, the Woolseys of Westlake have made it easy on us by borrowing three portacribs with all the fixings, exersaucers, a jumperoo, a double and a single stroller, and bought our diapers and baby food for us so we wouldn’t have to cart it all down in the van. Very thoughtful of them.
Yesterday I made a trip out to Babies R Us and purchased three of these styrophome looking noodles to place under the babies’ carseats so they are in a nice comfortable recline position more conducive to sleep. Although I felt kind of silly buying yet another overpriced product for the babies, we need all kids to sleep on this trip, and I am willing to do almost anything to ensure that happens. Chris just told me that if there is an uprising in the minivan tonight it is a 50 / 50 split between it being caused by Ava or the triplets. But then he changed his mind to 60 / 40 favoring a victory by Ava.
I was up with Violet last night because she has a little cold which is making it difficult for her to breath out of her nose. She relies heavily on her binkie for sleep and when she cannot breath out of her nose this makes it hard to suck on her binkie. I slept up in the guest bedroom with her and it was a very restless sleep for both of us. So in the middle of the night I was worried about this road trip and all of the disasters that could ensue when traveling with 7 month old triplets and a four year old. In the end, there is probably never going to be a perfect scenario so we may as well just go for it, illness or no illness.
As Chris and I haul this large young family down Highway 5 we couldn’t help but reminisce about Woolsey/ Traub road trips of the past. I remembered being about 6 or 7 and being loaded in the back of the ‘ol woody stationwagon at 4 in the morning and hopping into the back where nice sleeping bags and pillows had been set up for us to sleep for the early morning road trip. Yeah, that was before seatbelts were such a big deal.
Chris told me the story about his road trips with his parents and two brothers where they would have these hand held video games like pac man and generic football and they would play them like crazy the whole trip. But the little video games were hard to see in the bright daylight so Dick Woolsey would be in the driver’s seat staying the course while his wife and three kids would be playing their video games underneath a sheet so they could see them better. Chris wondered what passer byers must have thought as they passed the car of ghosts.
So here we are, making our first road trip memories. So far I am happy to say it has been uneventful. My tummy is a grumbly. I have been watching too much Winnie The Pooh. I need some junk food. I will report back later.

The Woolsey 6 showed up at the Woolsey’s of Westlake’s home at 1:15am – only 6 1/2 hours after we left Cameron Park. Pretty good timing. All four kids slept almost the entire way. Elsa woke up about 10 minutes before we arrived at Chris’s parent’s house and by the time we got them all out of the car everyone was awake. The hard part was getting the babies back to sleep in an unfamiliar environment once we were there. It took us about 1 1/2 hours to get all the babies to sleep and then we were up at 7am with all the kids. Not a great sleep but it was fine. We are used to sleep deprivation.

Wednesday – Disneyland Day
So, the babies all woke up with colds today and grandma and papa will now be taking care of three babies with colds. I was sleeping in the same room as the triplets last night and at 5:30 in the morning I heard three babies who could barely breath through their noses. I will get the full report on how they did with our their mommy later tomorrow.

Disneyland was fantastic today. Ava was a superstar all day and we literally went on every ride at Disneyland that Ava was tall enough to go on. We even went on the Matterhorn and Ava didn’t even cry. At one point during the ride I said “don’t cry Ava = it’s almost over” and she said “mommy, I’m not crying I’m laughing.” The highlight of the day was the Disney Parade of Dreams at the end of the night. All the characters paraded down Main Street and Ava was in heaven. She loves the characters so much.

Tomorrow we will begin our day having breakfast with Goofy at Goofy’s Kitchen, and then we will head to Disney’s California Adventure Park. No we shall sleep.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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