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Skunks, Hallucinations and More September 19, 2008

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Chris was gone all week again. This time he was in Arizona from Monday and he arrives back home today. Usually I dread his departure for about a week before he leaves and then in the middle of my single mom adventures I decide that it hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be without my partner in parenthood. This week was not one of those times. This week started off badly because I got a cold on Monday that grew more annoying and difficult by Tuesday, tapering off on Wednesday, just in time for Ava to enjoy a little bit of my virus.

So, by Tuesday evening Ava was not feeling well and a sick Ava is not a pleasant Ava by any stretch of the imagination. I made the executive decision that it was time to break out the Benadryl from its hibernation in the medicine pantry and dose Ava up so we can all get a good night sleep. She had a runny/stuffy nose and was tossing and turning and crying. That is when I drugged her. It was about 7:30pm. Well, by 8:30pm she was hallucinating. She was tossing and turning and crying this strange cry and talking jibberish. I layed with her and thought I got her back to sleep but she was pretty much awake until midnight when I climbed into bed with her. I felt badly for her, thinking she must have a really terrible cold to be acting this way. She continued to cry and toss and turn and act strangely until at 1am when I decided to evacuate Ava’s bedroom for hopefully a few hours of sleep before my 6am wakeup call. I thought it was strange the next morning that other than a little runny nose, Ava did not seem ill. That made me wonder if it could’ve been the Benadryl.

Obviously I was not convinced that Ava’s strange behavior was drug enduced since the next night, Wednesday, I again decided to give her a dose of the dryl to try and dry her up and give her a gentle push into slumber. Wednesday night was worse. Same tossing and turning and weird talk. At one point she was angry at me because “I asked you to go get me Barbarella and you did not get me Barbarella.” Who the heck is Barbarella and has Ava officially gone crazy? Hmmm. Well, after granting a few of her strange wishes I went downstairs at around 10pm. By 10:30 Ava was in my bed sleeping with me, an unprecendented move on my part. I was desparate. Around this time the skunk smell wafted over the bedroom, catapulting me out of bed and had me running for the door. I saw Sage sitting politely with her back to the door looking out into the evening. Maybe it didn’t have to be that bad, this horrid smell. Maybe Sage didn’t get sprayed this time. She looked so innocent sitting peacefully on the back porch reflecting on a summer’s night. So I let her in and as she ran through the house at 11pm, so did the horrible stench of skunk. Sage had her fourth encounter with a skunk this year and had gotten sprayed again. I promptly let her outside with her bed and would have to take her to get “deskunked” at the groomer the next day. The groomer is familiar with Sage and her skunk encounters. Unfortunately the babies were not having a good night’s sleep either. I was up with Preston at midnight and then Elsa right after that. I did not really sleep that night.

Violet is having binkie issues. She woke me up about six times before 11pm last night screaming because she couldn’t find her binkie and she wanted to let me know as loudly as possible. This is tricky when there are two other babies in the same room who are trying to sleep. So I jump out of bed and run with great speed up the stairs and frantically look in the dark for Violet’s binkie and plug it in that loud little mouth. So I think what we are going to do is take her favorite little pig that she sleeps with, fondles and chews on all day and night, and manufacture a way to attach the binkie to it so she can more easily find her own binkie in the night. Oh, flashbacks of Ava.

Enough about skunks and sleep. Fall is in the air and I am so excited about all the things that brings: Apple Hill for apple treats and pumpkins, Oktoberfest in our neighborhood, Halloween, the clean crisp smell of the change of seasons and the beautiful fall foliage. I am excited to take the kids to pick out pumpkins and to see them in their Halloween costumes.

This weekend we have the Special Care Nursery reunion at the hospital where we will bring all the kids and show them off to the nurses who took such good care of them those 3 weeks in the hospital. And then Monday night we leave for our trip down to SoCal and to Disneyland. I am keeping an open mind and I know no matter what happens that it will be an adventure — something fun to do to get out of the house. More on that later.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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