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Ava Turns 4! September 4, 2008

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First, here are our family photos – stressful but worth it. And Brenda did a fantastic job managing all of us. To see them go to http://www.bisharatphotos.com. Then go to “enter site” and then to “proofing” and type in Woolsey7, which is case sensitive.

It is just amazing how quickly the years fly by and that my little girl is now 4 years old. We celebrated Ava’s birthday today with a small gathering of family and friends for a barbecue / pool party complete with balloons, cake and presents – all of Ava’s favorite things. Chris and I went back and forth for about a month on whether to get Ava her own fish tank as a present and a few days ago we decided against it. Her big present is a trip to Disneyland in a couple of weeks which I think we are all pretty excited about. The triplets will be staying with grandma and papa while Chris, Ava and I head to Disneyland for two full days of Disney splendor. I am sure Ava will be passionately hugging each and every one of those germ infested characters at Disneyland and that may just be her favorite part of the trip. Anyway, I digress on Disneyland. My point was that sure enough today at the last minute we ended up getting Ava a very cool fish tank with 8 little fish in it, including some Mickey Mouse fish. Very cute. Ava fed them before she went to bed tonight and loved watching them peck away at their fish food. Hopefully they won’t all be dead by the end of the week.

I was proud of Chris and I that we pulled it together to give Ava a nice birthday even though we feel so consumed most of the time taking care of the triplets and Ava. I think Ava got to have a very nice birthday and Disneyland will be the ultimate treat.

Last night Chris and I actually got out just the two of us to enjoy a friends and neighbors wedding reception. Lauri and Paul were married in Hawaii a few months ago and last night they brought together a nice group of people to help them celebrate their marriage. It was so fun to be around so many friends in the neighborhood that we don’t get to see often because of everyone’s busy lives, and share a few too many glasses of wine with them. It was nice just to be out on the town with my husband and enjoy a little kid-free fun. Thanks to my parents and Molly and Nima for coming to help with the possie.

Speaking of Molly and Nima, we are anxiously awaiting the birth of our nephew. His due date is today, the 7th, and he could possibly be born tomorrow on Ava’s birthday which would be interesting. We are excited for him to come and we can’t wait to meet him.

As I have spoken about before in this blog, I am part of a chat room of moms who have triplets up to a year old. It is a great group of women and we bitch and moan, we support each other and offer our advice and funny stories. A few days ago one of the moms suggested that we describe our baby A-C and their different qualities. Many of us did this and I think it made us all feel good to be able to talk about our babies born under unique circumstances. I know it put a smile on my face. This is what I had to say:

Baby A – Elsa – she is a little beauty and she is super easy going and curious. She has big brown and loves to watch everyone very intently. She loves to watch people chew their food. She only gets super mad when she is very hungry and her bottle doesn’t come soon enough. She is my acid reflux baby who has spit up massive amounts over the past 6 months and should have some developmental delays because of it, but so far she does not. She is my first and best roller, and my baby whose eye / hand coordination is fantastic. She has also hardly complained about any of the discomfort that comes along with acid reflux. She is a real trooper and very easy going.

Baby B – Violet – my red head who has a red hot temper to match. She smiles and laughes all the time and absolutely LOVES her older sister. They are red headed kindred spirits for sure. But when Violet gets mad she bunches up her face and screams a scream that I swear the neighbors 2 houses down can hear. She is very strong mentally and physically and was my first babbler. She is an excellent sleeper – sleeping 12 to 13 hours a night from 3 months old. She is going to have a big huge personality that only rivals Ava’s.

Baby C – Preston – my only boy and he is the sweetest most sensitive boy. He has bright blue eyes to die for and strawberry blonde hair. He was my only BFer for a while so I think we have a special bond because of it. He love love loves his momma. He is so sensitive that he often cries at new faces and if someone he doesn’t know holds him. Today he rolled across the whole room and landed on the wood floors. He was the last baby to babble and talk, but his talk is more like a screech that scares his sisters half to death. He is a cuddly loveable little chap.

I feel very lucky that all three of these babies are so easy going and able to entertain themselves. I can take them anywhere and they never complain or cause me a second of worry or stress. Sometimes I take a few minutes to think about how it happened that I had three babies at one time, any of which that could’ve been high maintenance or difficult or fussy or had cholic and all of these babies are so easy.

This may just be the easiest time period I will ever have with the triplets during this 6-9 month period when they are not crawling yet or walking but they are sleeping well and have happy little dispositions. In a few short months I will be chasing three babies around the house trying to stop them from putting everything in their mouthes and prevent them from opening every cupboard in the house and finding huge amounts of toilet paper crammed in the toilet. A year after that they will be throwing temper tantrums and probably fighting with each other over toys. After that they will be asserting their independence and using their mouthes in sassy ways that will have me dreaming of the days when parents washed mouthes out with soap. And all of this will be multiplied by three. But for now, I am going to enjoy my sweet, innocent, immobile little triplets and how their faces light up when they see me walk in the room.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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