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Celebrating My Birthday with the Triplets August 25, 2008

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Birthdays just aren’t what they used to be. I remember a time in the not so distant past when I would spend the day at the spa for my birthday, being lathered with massage oil and spackled with face mask. My birthday today was a few notches below that level of luxury. As I sit here writing this I can’t stand my own stench. I have been puked on all night by Elsa and Preston – repeatedly. At this point I have layers of drool mixed with formula that had clearly already mixed with digestive juices on my arms and legs. I need a bath worse than the babies.

Chris left for Chicago for an entire week this morning. That began my birthday festivities. Okay, in all fairness I did get to go out for dinner with my family last night and had a great time. But to be left alone all day with three needy babies on my birthday did bring on an element of depression. Angela called and I complained. I whined. She said, what can I do. I said, nothing because I am happy feeling sorry for myself. But being the great friend she is she brought me over Thai food, a big birthday cake and good ‘ol Dr. Pepper for lunch, and as luck would have it, the babies were all asleep and we got to eat sans babies.

Then my mom and dad came over and made me dinner and helped me put the babies to sleep. So, it turned out to be an okay day. No day at the spa, but come on Megan – get real. Wake up and smell the triplets. . . on your arms and in your hair. This is life and it is not about me it is about them. And these four kids are most important and on this birthday I will celebrate that I carried 3 babies almost 34 weeks and they are now 6 months old and they are healthy and happy and bring Chris, Ava and I so much joy. But next year I am going to the spa and while I am soaking in the hot tub I will reflect upon that sentiment.

Ava started Montessori preschool last week and is not sure that she likes it yet but I know once she is over the intimidation factor of being at a new school she will love it there. Ava continues to be the best big sister ever. Really she is. She has loved those babies so unconditionally since we have brought them home from the hospital. It is amazing.
Your Ava-ism for the day, brought to you by Chris:
Chris ran into a deli to pick up sandwiches and Ava was sleeping in the car. When he came back out to the car Ava was awake and crying. Chris said, “I’m sorry Ava – I just ran in really quickly to grab the sandwiches and when I left you were asleep.” Ava replied, “Daddy, you were holding me hostage in here.”

At 6 months, the babies are:
scooting across the floor
rolling both ways
grabbing anything and putting it in their mouth
recognizing people and smile at them
babbling and laughing
putting binkies back in their mouth
holding their bottles for a short period of time (yeah!)
sleeping through the night
playing in their exersaucers and grabbing at all the attached toys
taking 6 ounces in their bottles
starting oatmeal consistently as of tomorrow
Standing on their legs
reaching for their mommy (my boy did that today!)
as cute as can be.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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