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Preston Speaks! August 19, 2008

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On Friday Brenda took our family pictures and it was stressful and chaotic and wonderful of her to block out her entire afternoon to get our family in. Elsa and Preston were having a puke-fest and Violet was grumpy and then happy and then grumpy and then happy. I do think we managed to get some great photos. Ava had been forewarned about the behavior we expected of her at the photo shoot and she was a real trooper through the entire 3 hour process. I can’t wait to see the pictures. At the beginning of the photo shoot we told Brenda that Violet, although totally adorable in person, is not overly photogenic. At the end of the shoot Brenda held up her camera and asked if this was the baby we said wasn’t photogenic, showing us the cutest pictures of Violet by herself. Brenda worked her magic and got Violet in her photogenic moments. I needed about three shots of vodka after the shoot so we stopped at a bar and I just ran in really quickly. Just kidding. I really am.

So my boy found his voice yesterday (Sunday). It is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. It was in the afternoon and I heard a baby making all this loud enthusiastic noise from the family room and I went to check it out and was amazed to see it was Preston in his exersaucer so pleased with the world around him. Up until now he really hasn’t had anything to say. He has three sisters and he is a bit overshadowed and possibly intimidated. Elsa is very talkative and a bit whiny sometimes with her communication. Violet has always been a fairly loud talker but these days she just loves to smile at everyone all day long. Ava is just plain loud all the time. Preston has burst onto the scene as quite a jovial fellow with some opinions of his own. I love his new voice.

Our learning lesson of the day: we can no longer feel safe in leaving the babies in their boppie pillows on the bed. Chris put Preston on one today while he was changing Elsa and he turned around and Preston had rolled over and his legs were hanging off the edge of the bed. I am happy to have learned this lesson through a non-injury situation rather than the big lesson once Preston had fallen off the bed and broken his arm.

Today was a good day. Ava woke up at 6:30am for the second day in a row and she was in a great mood. She was happy and refreshingly upbeat, she listened and hardly whined or complained the entire day. Who was this charming girl? Today I did not want to send her off to boarding school. She made Violet laugh for about 5 minutes straight today and determined on her own that Preston doesn’t like her very much. I felt bad for her. I said, “of course Preston likes you, he’s just hungry.” A white lie. Ava starts preschool tomorrow at Blue Oak Montessori (Gigi’s school) and she is so excited. She already gave the teacher a new middle name, Abby, which she may or may not call her by tomorrow.

On a final note, I have ventured out onto walks two days in a row with the babies. I load two of them up in their car seats and put them in the snap n’ go and brave the steep driveway with great caution. I take Sage also and tie her to the stroller and she is at the whim of the stroller driver. Yesterday I walked so far that today my legs are sore. Remember, I haven’t exercised in over a year because you don’t exercise when you are pregnant with triplets and you don’t really exercise after triplets either. So I went and we strolled and the babies loved it! They sat and checked out their surroundings and sucked on their binkies for about 45 minutes and then quietly faded away to slumber. When I got home I parked them in the garage since it was such a nice day and got about another hour of freedom to do fun stuff in the house like laundry and washing bottles and making bottles. The walk was refreshing – good for the bod and good for the soul. I will continue to take the babies out as much as I can. When I get the replacement seatbelt I ordered for the Runabout triplet jogging stroller I bought used I will see if I can manage all three down and up the steep driveway. I am guessing I cannot but maybe I am stronger than I imagine. I carried three babies in my body for 9 months afterall.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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