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Five Months and Fabulous July 22, 2008

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The triplets are five months and fabulous already. I sit here and reflect upon when they came out of my body 5 months ago and I cannot believe how much my life has changed. Busier, yes. Louder, yes. Happier, yes. Grateful, yes.

When I first found out I was having triplets I was panicked and woke up in the middle of the night wondering how we would take care of all these children logistically and financially. I wondered how I would survive four needy kids when one was pretty hard I thought. How would we ever leave the house? I wondered if they would be healthy babies considering all the bad things that could happen in a triplet pregnancy. I sit here on this July day and I celebrate the twists and upredictable turns life takes you on. I don’t get to leave the house that much, but I am so thankful for these healthy babies that were given to me after I thought I wouldn’t get to have any more children. Ava Rose is so thankful for them also and loves to make her brother and sisters laugh every day. She calls the girls “sweet baby girls” and she calls Preston “boy Pres”.

The triplets brought the Woolsey family, Chris’s parents and brothers and their families, together this past weekend. We haven’t all been together in such a long time and this past weekend they all came up to meet the babies. Everyone held babies and fed babies and rocked babies and talked to babies. Ava was in heaven with all of her 6 cousins here. The kids all played in the pool the whole day and at night they lined up on the couch and watched Madagascar. It was very cute. It was a little glimpse into our future when the triplets get older. I can’t wait until they are all playing together and cuddling up on the couch for a movie. We had a great time with all the Woolseys and hope they can come again sometime!

Well at 5 months the babies have reached all their developmental milestones and are doing very well. They are all rolling over, talking, laughing and really recognizing the world around them. The girls think Ava is hilarious and wonderful and Preston thinks she is loud and scary. Chris and I think she is all of the above.

Yesterday Ava, Chris, Preston and I headed to Marine World as a little treat for Ava since it is her favorite place in the world right now. We went twice last summer when she was 2 1/2 and she talked about it every day for weeks afterward. Since we had Preston with us the trip was a little less relaxing and definitely more work. Preston is not quite big enough for his side of the double stroller we brought along and that presented challenges, like Preston not fitting in his 5 point harness and sliding all over the place in his seat. I felt paranoid about having him out in the sun all day even though I put some good sunscreen on him. And then there was the case of the wrong size 3 nipple on the bottle which caused Chris some heartache in the way of formula flowing to quickly out of the bottle into Preston’s mouth as Ava and I were in line for a rollercoaster that ended up being too bumpy and abrupt for Ava. This myseriously placed nipple ended up really throwing off an afternoon at Marine World for some reason. But enough about nipples. The highlight of Marine World was when Ava got out and started dancing with all of the Marine World characters like Shouka, a shark, some sort of duck and Bugs Bunny. It was classic. Ava would have spent hours out there in the hot sun dancing with those people dressed as cartoon characters.

Here is your Ava-ism for the day, reported by Nanny Laura:
we were driving down the street in Folsom and Ava saw a bundle of balloons on the side of the road. She asked, “what shape is that?” I said, “looks like a star.” she said, “nope, it has four sides” so i replied, “a square.” then she said,” ya, and it’s parallel.”

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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