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The Good With The Bad July 17, 2008

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If the triplets weren’t born in 2008 I would have to say that this has been a very depressing year of events. My Auntie Joyce in England died this year. My grandma died in January and never got to meet the triplets. We are pretty sure she has been reincarnated in little Violet who shares a very similar look to my grandma and even has her sleeping habits. She likes to laugh a lot like my grandma did also. Last week my Aunt Janet died in the hospital from complications of a kidney transplant she had 10 years ago. She got an infection that her body could not fight off and her organs shut down. My family has been very saddened by her sudden death. She was just up here visiting the triplets on Father’s Day and I feel very lucky that we got to see her before she died. She was determined to come and hold those babies she said, and that she did. My Nanna, who just turned 90, is very ill and is now being taken care of by hospice. Yesterday we had to have Lucy, my parent’s dog who was part of our family for many years, put to sleep because her back legs weren’t working and she had other problems as well. She was Sage’s best friend and a very sweet dog. We will miss her.

I know you are probably wondering why you opened up this depressing blog page but I have to always be honest in my blog and realize that in life you have to take the good with the bad. It has definitely been a strange year.

But I am looking forward for happier times and Chris and I remind ourselves how lucky we are to have happy and healthy kids. I am keeping Ava nice and busy this summer with playdates. Today our friends Wendy and Kari came over with their kids and we swam and just had good summer fun. Yesterday the whole family went over to Angela and Bob’s house where there were kids galore and we had so much fun. The babies are great to take places and are so compatible with anyone who wants to hold them or talk to them.

Tonight we were up in the nursery feeding the babies and putting them to bed and I asked Chris if he finds the triplets harder, easier or exactly what he thought they were going to be to take care of. Chris said somewhere between easier and exactly what he thought it was going to be like and I said easier but only because I have Nanny Laura who does a fabulous job helping us and multi-tasking like a pro each day. We are all lucky to have her.

The smoke has finally lifted on Cameron Park and just in time for the Woolsey crew to make their way up and meet the babies. Chris’s parents are coming in tomorrow and his brothers and their families will be coming Saturday. We are looking forward to seeing them and having them meet the triplets for the first time. Ava is excited to see her six cousins who will keep her plenty entertained I am sure.

So – what is new with the babies is that they are all rolling over now. The girls roll from their stomachs to their backs and Preston has to do it a little differently since he is a boy and he rolls from his back to his stomach. Violet is super tickleish and laughs so hard at Ava all the time. Elsa is very mellow and likes to sit and check out what is happening around her with these big eyes. Yesterday at Angela’s house, Carson, the daugher of Brenda who takes the triplet’s photos, had Elsa in hysterics by fake sneezing. You never know what kinds of funny things are going to make them laugh. Violet thinks it is hysterical when I fake cough. Violet fake coughs and when I imitate her with my fake cough she bursts out in laughter. Preston is quiet and very sweet. He gives me huge grins all day long and looks at me so lovingly with these big blue puppy dog eyes. He is always so happy to see me. It is worth noting that I have noticed that all the babies know that I am their mommy and are comforted having me around. That always feels good.

The baby girls are now taking 5 1/2 ounces of formula every 3 to 4 hours which is as much as Ava was taking at almost 7 months old. They have catching up to do you know. Who knows how much breastmilk Preston gets but based on his growth pattern it is a lot.

Elsa had a GI appointment yesterday and she weighed 10 pounds, 8 ounces and the doc was very impressed by her. She thinks Elsa is looking great and doing all the things she is supposed to be doing. She still spits up a lot but she is gaining just the right amount of weight and so we don’t have to worry about the acid reflux affecting her well-being.

Your Ava-ism for the day:
Ava talking about the balloon that she hung from the pantry door tonight: “Mommy, make sure daddy doesn’t wack the balloon and you don’t wack the balloon either and don’t let it fly away in the evening air”. I swear she says these things word for word because I write them down after she says them.

Well, it is time for the mothership to sleep. Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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