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The Woolsey 6 Take on the 4th July 7, 2008

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As Sunday comes around again I feel compelled to reflect on my weekend even though I am tired and ready to go to sleep. I always feel better when I have written down a few things from the week so I can have it to remember.

I had high expectations for the 4th this year. I had a cute and patriotic outfit for each baby and for Ava and I went out and bought balloons and streamers to decorate the stoller and Ava’s bike for our neighborhood parade. I figure if you have as many kids as I do you have to really live it up at the holidays which was my thought process when I ran out on Thursday to buy outfits and decorations.

The 4th was a crazy morning as usual. Even though our day usually begins bright and early at 5:30am, we were still running around like maniacs getting kids ready, decorating things, trying to get ourselves ready for the day and everyone loaded into strollers and the hot rod for the trip down to the park at 11am.

Ava was in one of her moods and as soon as we got to the park she ran her bike into the curb and burst out in tears. We put that fire out but unfortunately a series of other fires broke out over the course of the next hour. Elsa sat in the very back of the triplet stroller laid all the way back and just looked around with those big eyes and enjoyed the day. Violet had the worst seat in the house in the middle of the stroller and all she could see was the back of Preston’s seat. She was not happy and she was tired. As we all know, Violet needs her sleep and enjoys maximum daily shuteye. Nanny Kathy who lives in the neighborhood, held Violet for a lot of the parade. Preston was pretty content riding shotgun looking so cute in his little baseball hat. He was pretty happy and content as usual. The child who was not very happy and content was Ava. Ava was having a hard time enjoying the parade, hence, making it hard for us to enjoy it. The parade topper was when a neighbor’s dog got off the leash and went for Sage. Sage doesn’t like dogs she doesn’t know so the encounter turned into a little scuffle. Ava broke down in hysterics because she and Sage are quite attached. This last Ava breakdown lasted a little too long and then the Woolsey 6 headed home feeling semi-deafted from another outing. Sage was depressed the rest of the day.

Ava took a nap at home, we regrouped and headed to Bob and Angela’s for a nice relaxing 4th of July where the kids swam and the babies were coddled over and I drank Sangria and sat like a blob. The babies are so very good whenever we take them anywhere. It is as if a higher power gave us all these babies to take care of, as well as Ava (enough said) which could’ve been an impossible feat, but had mercy on us and sent us three very sweet and loving creatures who sleep well and eat well and truly rarely cry. I’ll take it. We’ll see if I still feel this way in a year from now when they are running around like little crazy monkeys and getting into things.

Saturday is a blur. I would write about it but I don’t remember anything that happened yesterday.

This morning the triplets had their first visit over at Gigi and Gramps’s house for blueberry pancakes and fruit salad. They did great and I am sure after seeing how well-behaved those cute little triplets are, Gigi and Gramps will want to have all four of them for the day very soon. Just kidding Gigi and Gramps.

The Ava-ism for the day:
Ava asked me in the car on the way to her friend’s birthday party today “how come we don’t feel anything when we grow?” My reply was too dumb to write down. She caught me offguard with that question.
At the birthday party I saw she helped herself to a juice box and I said “Ava, you need to ask mommy before you have a juice box”. She replied “it’s too late mom. Maybe next time I will.” ummmmm, okay boss.

Great news. Over the weekend I took our Netflix subscription off hold. That means Chris and I can actually watch movies again. We have all the kids in bed by 7:30 each night which makes me exceedingly happy. We actually get to start movies now. We don’t always finish them but just starting them gives me a thrill like I may have actually regained some of my own life back. Now if I could only shake the crazy red head from my side and the balding baby boy from my boob on a few outings then I would be truly liberated.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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