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Times are Getting Crazier in Baby Land July 30, 2008

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Life is getting crazy with all these kids. They are all on different eating and napping schedules throughout the day because they all wake up at different times in the morning. Elsa is awake by about 5:30 while Preston is sometimes 6 or 6:30 and Violet likes to sleep until 7 or 7:30. I can’t bear to wake them all up when Elsa wakes up at 5:30am. Preston has been waking me up once or twice a night lately because I think he is very hungry. My milk supply is having a difficult time meeting his demands which means I have been supplementing formula which is a downhill slope to producing no breast milk. Some days I am ready to throw in the towel and not breastfeed anymore and other days I feel I am not ready to say goodbye to that forever. It is such a special bond between a mother and her baby and to think I will never experience it again is hard to think about. Of course, there are certain aspects of not breastfeeding that are appealing, such as not worrying about what I am eating and how it will affect Preston. And of course when I am not nursing I can get silly drunk. Just kidding. No I’m not. I have to say goodbye to things forever when they end since these are my last babies.

Well, anyway, things are getting busier and crazier and and I really don’t have time to do much of anything because I quite literally always have a baby in my arms. Ava is out of preschool until the middle of August which means she has 12 hours of “free time” a day to terrorize the household :). No matter how wild and crazy she gets in Violet and Elsa’s face they still love her and find her very amusing, that is for sure. Sisterly love already. Preston continues to shudder at her mere presence.
Today we had Molly’s baby shower at my house and it was fun. It was hectic getting ready for it though because at 10am when my mom showed up to help Chris left to play tennis with Nima and all the babies woke up and needed to be fed. It was pretty hard trying to set up for a baby shower and take care of three babies. Luckily gramma Jan and Auntie Kaely came at 11 and Kaely rescued us by taking loving care of all three babies while we set up for the shower. We love you Auntie Kaely. My sister had a great time at her shower. We decorated onesies for her. It always amazes me the creativity that emerges from everyone when they are forced to be artistic. We now have some great homemade onesies for little boy Hosseini when he arrives.

I was really proud of all my children at the shower today. These little triplets were so happy and content being held and fed by all of the friends at the shower. They really never cried or complained through the entire party even though they were overtired. They are such good little triplets. And Ava was a good citizen, socializing and interacting like a big girl.

Your Ava-ism for the day spoken to Auntie as she was cutting the baby shower cake today:
“that snake is a contortionist”. Auntie said “what did you say” and she repeated “that snake is a contortionist.” I don’t think I knew what contortionist meant until about five years ago.

In the next two weeks I am going to work on getting the triplets on the same schedule and so during the day I can have little breaks here and there. I am so seriously overworked right now but it doesn’t diminish my love for them any. They are so beautiful and sweet and I am a lucky mommy.

What are the babies doing this week:
— scooting
— rolling front to back and back to front
— smiling and laughing a lot
— staring at people as they eat their food
— Preston aggressively went after my dinner one night and knocked my paper plate over. Time for solids I guess.
— holding onto their toys and putting them in their mouths
— really recognizing people, especially mom, dad and big sister

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


Five Months and Fabulous July 22, 2008

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The triplets are five months and fabulous already. I sit here and reflect upon when they came out of my body 5 months ago and I cannot believe how much my life has changed. Busier, yes. Louder, yes. Happier, yes. Grateful, yes.

When I first found out I was having triplets I was panicked and woke up in the middle of the night wondering how we would take care of all these children logistically and financially. I wondered how I would survive four needy kids when one was pretty hard I thought. How would we ever leave the house? I wondered if they would be healthy babies considering all the bad things that could happen in a triplet pregnancy. I sit here on this July day and I celebrate the twists and upredictable turns life takes you on. I don’t get to leave the house that much, but I am so thankful for these healthy babies that were given to me after I thought I wouldn’t get to have any more children. Ava Rose is so thankful for them also and loves to make her brother and sisters laugh every day. She calls the girls “sweet baby girls” and she calls Preston “boy Pres”.

The triplets brought the Woolsey family, Chris’s parents and brothers and their families, together this past weekend. We haven’t all been together in such a long time and this past weekend they all came up to meet the babies. Everyone held babies and fed babies and rocked babies and talked to babies. Ava was in heaven with all of her 6 cousins here. The kids all played in the pool the whole day and at night they lined up on the couch and watched Madagascar. It was very cute. It was a little glimpse into our future when the triplets get older. I can’t wait until they are all playing together and cuddling up on the couch for a movie. We had a great time with all the Woolseys and hope they can come again sometime!

Well at 5 months the babies have reached all their developmental milestones and are doing very well. They are all rolling over, talking, laughing and really recognizing the world around them. The girls think Ava is hilarious and wonderful and Preston thinks she is loud and scary. Chris and I think she is all of the above.

Yesterday Ava, Chris, Preston and I headed to Marine World as a little treat for Ava since it is her favorite place in the world right now. We went twice last summer when she was 2 1/2 and she talked about it every day for weeks afterward. Since we had Preston with us the trip was a little less relaxing and definitely more work. Preston is not quite big enough for his side of the double stroller we brought along and that presented challenges, like Preston not fitting in his 5 point harness and sliding all over the place in his seat. I felt paranoid about having him out in the sun all day even though I put some good sunscreen on him. And then there was the case of the wrong size 3 nipple on the bottle which caused Chris some heartache in the way of formula flowing to quickly out of the bottle into Preston’s mouth as Ava and I were in line for a rollercoaster that ended up being too bumpy and abrupt for Ava. This myseriously placed nipple ended up really throwing off an afternoon at Marine World for some reason. But enough about nipples. The highlight of Marine World was when Ava got out and started dancing with all of the Marine World characters like Shouka, a shark, some sort of duck and Bugs Bunny. It was classic. Ava would have spent hours out there in the hot sun dancing with those people dressed as cartoon characters.

Here is your Ava-ism for the day, reported by Nanny Laura:
we were driving down the street in Folsom and Ava saw a bundle of balloons on the side of the road. She asked, “what shape is that?” I said, “looks like a star.” she said, “nope, it has four sides” so i replied, “a square.” then she said,” ya, and it’s parallel.”

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


The Good With The Bad July 17, 2008

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If the triplets weren’t born in 2008 I would have to say that this has been a very depressing year of events. My Auntie Joyce in England died this year. My grandma died in January and never got to meet the triplets. We are pretty sure she has been reincarnated in little Violet who shares a very similar look to my grandma and even has her sleeping habits. She likes to laugh a lot like my grandma did also. Last week my Aunt Janet died in the hospital from complications of a kidney transplant she had 10 years ago. She got an infection that her body could not fight off and her organs shut down. My family has been very saddened by her sudden death. She was just up here visiting the triplets on Father’s Day and I feel very lucky that we got to see her before she died. She was determined to come and hold those babies she said, and that she did. My Nanna, who just turned 90, is very ill and is now being taken care of by hospice. Yesterday we had to have Lucy, my parent’s dog who was part of our family for many years, put to sleep because her back legs weren’t working and she had other problems as well. She was Sage’s best friend and a very sweet dog. We will miss her.

I know you are probably wondering why you opened up this depressing blog page but I have to always be honest in my blog and realize that in life you have to take the good with the bad. It has definitely been a strange year.

But I am looking forward for happier times and Chris and I remind ourselves how lucky we are to have happy and healthy kids. I am keeping Ava nice and busy this summer with playdates. Today our friends Wendy and Kari came over with their kids and we swam and just had good summer fun. Yesterday the whole family went over to Angela and Bob’s house where there were kids galore and we had so much fun. The babies are great to take places and are so compatible with anyone who wants to hold them or talk to them.

Tonight we were up in the nursery feeding the babies and putting them to bed and I asked Chris if he finds the triplets harder, easier or exactly what he thought they were going to be to take care of. Chris said somewhere between easier and exactly what he thought it was going to be like and I said easier but only because I have Nanny Laura who does a fabulous job helping us and multi-tasking like a pro each day. We are all lucky to have her.

The smoke has finally lifted on Cameron Park and just in time for the Woolsey crew to make their way up and meet the babies. Chris’s parents are coming in tomorrow and his brothers and their families will be coming Saturday. We are looking forward to seeing them and having them meet the triplets for the first time. Ava is excited to see her six cousins who will keep her plenty entertained I am sure.

So – what is new with the babies is that they are all rolling over now. The girls roll from their stomachs to their backs and Preston has to do it a little differently since he is a boy and he rolls from his back to his stomach. Violet is super tickleish and laughs so hard at Ava all the time. Elsa is very mellow and likes to sit and check out what is happening around her with these big eyes. Yesterday at Angela’s house, Carson, the daugher of Brenda who takes the triplet’s photos, had Elsa in hysterics by fake sneezing. You never know what kinds of funny things are going to make them laugh. Violet thinks it is hysterical when I fake cough. Violet fake coughs and when I imitate her with my fake cough she bursts out in laughter. Preston is quiet and very sweet. He gives me huge grins all day long and looks at me so lovingly with these big blue puppy dog eyes. He is always so happy to see me. It is worth noting that I have noticed that all the babies know that I am their mommy and are comforted having me around. That always feels good.

The baby girls are now taking 5 1/2 ounces of formula every 3 to 4 hours which is as much as Ava was taking at almost 7 months old. They have catching up to do you know. Who knows how much breastmilk Preston gets but based on his growth pattern it is a lot.

Elsa had a GI appointment yesterday and she weighed 10 pounds, 8 ounces and the doc was very impressed by her. She thinks Elsa is looking great and doing all the things she is supposed to be doing. She still spits up a lot but she is gaining just the right amount of weight and so we don’t have to worry about the acid reflux affecting her well-being.

Your Ava-ism for the day:
Ava talking about the balloon that she hung from the pantry door tonight: “Mommy, make sure daddy doesn’t wack the balloon and you don’t wack the balloon either and don’t let it fly away in the evening air”. I swear she says these things word for word because I write them down after she says them.

Well, it is time for the mothership to sleep. Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


The Woolsey 6 Take on the 4th July 7, 2008

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As Sunday comes around again I feel compelled to reflect on my weekend even though I am tired and ready to go to sleep. I always feel better when I have written down a few things from the week so I can have it to remember.

I had high expectations for the 4th this year. I had a cute and patriotic outfit for each baby and for Ava and I went out and bought balloons and streamers to decorate the stoller and Ava’s bike for our neighborhood parade. I figure if you have as many kids as I do you have to really live it up at the holidays which was my thought process when I ran out on Thursday to buy outfits and decorations.

The 4th was a crazy morning as usual. Even though our day usually begins bright and early at 5:30am, we were still running around like maniacs getting kids ready, decorating things, trying to get ourselves ready for the day and everyone loaded into strollers and the hot rod for the trip down to the park at 11am.

Ava was in one of her moods and as soon as we got to the park she ran her bike into the curb and burst out in tears. We put that fire out but unfortunately a series of other fires broke out over the course of the next hour. Elsa sat in the very back of the triplet stroller laid all the way back and just looked around with those big eyes and enjoyed the day. Violet had the worst seat in the house in the middle of the stroller and all she could see was the back of Preston’s seat. She was not happy and she was tired. As we all know, Violet needs her sleep and enjoys maximum daily shuteye. Nanny Kathy who lives in the neighborhood, held Violet for a lot of the parade. Preston was pretty content riding shotgun looking so cute in his little baseball hat. He was pretty happy and content as usual. The child who was not very happy and content was Ava. Ava was having a hard time enjoying the parade, hence, making it hard for us to enjoy it. The parade topper was when a neighbor’s dog got off the leash and went for Sage. Sage doesn’t like dogs she doesn’t know so the encounter turned into a little scuffle. Ava broke down in hysterics because she and Sage are quite attached. This last Ava breakdown lasted a little too long and then the Woolsey 6 headed home feeling semi-deafted from another outing. Sage was depressed the rest of the day.

Ava took a nap at home, we regrouped and headed to Bob and Angela’s for a nice relaxing 4th of July where the kids swam and the babies were coddled over and I drank Sangria and sat like a blob. The babies are so very good whenever we take them anywhere. It is as if a higher power gave us all these babies to take care of, as well as Ava (enough said) which could’ve been an impossible feat, but had mercy on us and sent us three very sweet and loving creatures who sleep well and eat well and truly rarely cry. I’ll take it. We’ll see if I still feel this way in a year from now when they are running around like little crazy monkeys and getting into things.

Saturday is a blur. I would write about it but I don’t remember anything that happened yesterday.

This morning the triplets had their first visit over at Gigi and Gramps’s house for blueberry pancakes and fruit salad. They did great and I am sure after seeing how well-behaved those cute little triplets are, Gigi and Gramps will want to have all four of them for the day very soon. Just kidding Gigi and Gramps.

The Ava-ism for the day:
Ava asked me in the car on the way to her friend’s birthday party today “how come we don’t feel anything when we grow?” My reply was too dumb to write down. She caught me offguard with that question.
At the birthday party I saw she helped herself to a juice box and I said “Ava, you need to ask mommy before you have a juice box”. She replied “it’s too late mom. Maybe next time I will.” ummmmm, okay boss.

Great news. Over the weekend I took our Netflix subscription off hold. That means Chris and I can actually watch movies again. We have all the kids in bed by 7:30 each night which makes me exceedingly happy. We actually get to start movies now. We don’t always finish them but just starting them gives me a thrill like I may have actually regained some of my own life back. Now if I could only shake the crazy red head from my side and the balding baby boy from my boob on a few outings then I would be truly liberated.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.