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The Tale of a Sunday Park Mêlée June 28, 2008

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Babies are so interesting. Each day they are learning something new and doing something exciting to entertain their parents. When you have three babies growing up together at the same time it is fun to compare them and discover their similarities and differences. It seems with my three babies they do things very diffently and have unique and interesting little personalities.

Friday Elsa decided that she doesn’t prefer to be on her belly anymore and taught herself how to roll over. She has rolled from her stomach to her back twice now. When she gets to her back she takes her fist and shoves it into her large sized mouth and starts chewing on it.

Preston turned into a thumb sucker over the weekend. He is my only baby that would never take the binkie and last night he found his thumb and put himself to sleep sucking his thumb with all four fingers straight up in the air. In his time of discovering the thumb sucking technique I once caught him with one of the fingers all the way up his nose while the others were straight up in the air.

Violet continues to be a pokey eater and doesn’t want to poop. But what she does want to do is carry on a long conversation with anyone willing to listen. She also continues to sleep 3 hours at a stretch for naps during the day and 12 hours straight at night. I love her for that. Now she needs to talk to Elsa about how she does that. Violet’s fists continue to be the most important thing in her life. She marvels at them and adores them most of her days.

I have two Ava-isms this entry:
The first is said from one barbie to the other through Ava: “You can’t say words like soda or yoga or hate or if you do you will have to go in a time out with Donald Duck”.
The second Ava-ism is when she was at Gigi and Gramps’s house and she was looking out the window at the birds and she said “I wonder when I will be able to fly.”

Sunday Chris and I decided to venture out to the park with the whole family. We don’t do this very often and after Sunday, I know why. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was a disaster but a successful outing it was not. I packed a lunch for us and a few bottles and extra outfits for the babies, got Ava’s “hot rod” bike in the car and off we went to the park for a picnic. Ava could play in the park and ride her bike while the babies laid on the grass staring up at the smoke enhanced blue sky and contemplating the joy of infancy. In my park plan nobody was going to throw a temper tantrum and no one was going to cry or complain. It was going to be stress-free and enjoyable from beginning to end.

Well, first I forgot the spoons for our orzo salad that I brought for us to eat. Ding number one. Next we realized there was really only a tiny sliver of shade on the huge expanse of grass at the park, only big enough to barely cover three 10 pound infants. Ding number two. Then Preston and Elsa started crying hysterically. Elsa calmed down but Preston persisted. Dings number 3 and 4. Then came dings 5 through 10 which precipitated an end to the park excursion. Ava had a major meltdown over not being able to hold Sage’s leash due to inappropriate leash handling, which escalated into non-stop crying in a time-out and then led to being carried kicking and screaming to the car. Ava sat in the car and cried while we loaded three babies, who had since completely calmed down and were peacefully enjoying their first park experience (Violet was of course sound asleep on the blanket in the grass), into their car seats along with the four bags, hot rod and blankets into the car. Ava has taught me that three is definitely the new two.

The good part of this experience is that Chris and I didn’t get angry or depressed about our park outing and its accompanying misery. We simply chalked it up to a try and a miss. We are glad we tried and sad we missed. We will keep trying the outings and when we get one right we will deserve it and we will celebrate. This Friday, forth of July, we are all going across the street to our friend’s Bob and Angela’s for a barbecue pool party and I am optimistic for success.

Tomorrow is Chris and my 8 year anniversary. My parent’s are kindly coming over to watch the crew so we can go out to dinner. Eight years and four kids later, we are holding strong. I can’t imagine a different partner to share in this triplet experience and in this life. Happy anniversary to my kindred spirit.

Until next time. . . the mothership is signing off.


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