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Ava-isms and Triplet Tangents June 24, 2008

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Yeah – we actually got to posting new pictures!! Someday maybe we’ll put a new slideshow on the blog. And the heading is a work in progress because that is Chris’s specialty.

Sometimes I open up this page to write and I don’t have any idea what I am going to write about. So many things happen each hour of each day of the week but much of it is not that exciting for the general public and then the rest of it I forget. I forget so much these days that this is a big reason I write in this blog. I want to have a journal of everything that is happening each week because these are special times and I know I will look back on them and be glad that I have recorded the details that make up this life with triplets and Ava.

Just yesterday Chris and I were showing Ava some video of her when she was 18 months old. I was shocked at how I had already forgotten what she was like at that age and just how cute she was before she could talk. Ha ha. But seriously, what precious video to have to remember those times and appreciate each stage of these little people’s lives. Now we just need to find some time to actually videotape the triplets!!

We may not have a lot of videotape of the kids right now but I do need to start writing Ava-isms down because they are coming at us fast and constant all day long. Ava-isms are the things she says are sometimes funny, sometimes so sweet, oftentimes sassy and always a little crazy. They are Ava-isms.
Today’s Ava-ism is:

“To love someone is to wish them your heart”

I thought that was pretty poetic for a 3 year old. I will also take a minute to brag and say that Ava randomly rattled off about 10 rhymes today (lake/take for instance) and then she said night and I thought she was going to rhyme it with light or tight or something but she said “morning . . . and those are opposites”. What??? Don’t ask me where she learns these things. And then she started naming off all the things that are opposites like wet and dry and up and down, left and right, hot and cold, front and back, happy and sad. She did about 20 of them. Then she started making us call something out like “long” and she would say the opposite. The child loves to learn things.

The babies are doing great. Preston is a sweet little boy who loves to sit on his activity mat all day and stare and bat at the animals hanging down and the lights and make little cooing sounds. His complaints are few and far between. He smiles a lot and talks softly. Elsa is definitely the fussiest and most high maintenance baby but she is so sweet and loving and cuddly. She likes to be held, which may be a product of her acid reflux and always having to be held upright. She also talks really softly and she coos with a gurgle in her throat. Violet is hilarious. She talks all the time and she talks so loudly, kind of like her big sister. It must be a red-headed thing. She stares at her fists most of her waking hours and talks loudly to anyone who will listen to her. She laughs and smiles all the time. When she is happy, she is very happy and when she is mad, she is very mad. Violet is very emotional already.

A couple nights ago when the kids were all in bed Chris asked me to describe our triplets each in only one word. We quickly jotted down our answers and interestingly we described Preston and Elsa in exactly the same way and Violet in a similar way. We both put down “sweet” for Elsa, “sensitive” for Preston and I put “dynamic” for Violet and Chris put down “funny”.

Last night Preston and Violet slept from 7:30pm to 7am. Elsa always wakes up around 2 or 3 in the morning to eat and then sleeps unsoundly until around 6. I am hoping when she grows out of her acid reflux she will sleep a little better because her naps are only mediocre as well. They are all-in-all very good sleepers and boy are we lucky for that. I told Chris today that our 4 month old triplets are already better sleepers than Ava is right now. Some kids just don’t sleep well I guess. I don’t think Ava can ever stop her mind and body from expending energy and settling down enough for a good long sleep.

Speaking of sleep, the mothership is going to try to get some . . .


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