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Fatherhood and Spicy Black Beans June 17, 2008

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This is belated but I want to wish all those Father’s a Happy Father’s Day and especially my husband. I want to give Chris a little blog time right now because he deserves it. He is a great father. He is so loving to all four of his children and does a great job being a father to a highly spirited Ava Rose. He knows how to love her to pieces yet discipline her appropriately so she can be led down the right path in life. He puts Ava to bed every night and gets up with her and gets her breakfast every morning. He gets up with me in the middle of the night every night or early in the morning to feed the baby girls while I feed Preston. He is always present in all four of the kids’ lives and he loves them with all of his heart. Thank you for all you do Chris – you are indeed a wonderful husband and father.

I also want to mention my dad who is a great dad to me and grandfather to Ava. On Saturday when Chris and I were in a crunch with too many kids and adult responsibilities to take care of in one day, my dad came to the rescue and picked Ava up and spent the whole day with her. I can count on him for anything. Your the best dad!

Lastly but not least, I want to thank my father-in-law who comes up here and jumps right in feeding, clothing and even changing diapers when this is a task that he intensely dreads. He also plays with Ava and makes her feel special. Thanks Dick!

Yesterday was challening because I was tired and the babies were high maintenance. I couldn’t keep them on a schedule to save my life and Preston didn’t like the spicy black beans that I had Sunday night as well as for lunch on Monday. He has been spitting up and choking on it constantly and is unusually fussy. He hardly napped at all yesterday except for late in the afternoon and he wanted to be held. For both Preston and my sanity I will no longer be indulging in spicy black beans or anything spicy, or any kind of bean as long as I am breastfeeding. Everyone is better today. Elsa’s spitting up is actually improving and I am hoping that she is beginning to grow out the acid reflux. Violet is constipated and I don’t know why. I have to launch a fun little suppository up her bottom every day to get her to go poop. I can’t wait until that passes. She can’t either.

I am excited to report that Chris and I are getting all 4 kids in bed by 8pm every night. We feed them around 6:30-7 each night, swaddle them and put them in their cribs. They are in their own cribs now for space reasons as well as our effort to minimize babies waking each other up. Sometimes we put them in their cribs and they just sit there wide awake until they eventually doze off into dreamland. We have been doing the “dream feed” the last week which is getting them up at 10pm and feeding them practically in their sleep and putting them right back to bed. When we do this they wake up around 5 in the morning which is hard because Ava is up by 5:30 or 6 which means our day begins with the babies feeding at 5. Last night we opted out of the dream feed and just put them to bed at 8 and they slept until 3. It is easier just to feed them at 3am and then they sleep until 6:30 or 7. Of course, Violet likes to sleep in until 8 or 9.

The other day I got out the little seats that babies can sit up in as long as they can hold their heads up. I put Violet in one and Preston in the other and had them face each other. It was as if they discovered each other for the first time. Violet turned to Preston and almost did a double take. Then she started jabbering away to him and telling him her entire life story. Preston just sat there with his head cocked to one side because it is so big he can’t hold it up all the way, and grinned at her like she was pretty interesting. It was so darn cute and this is what my fellow triplet mom says makes having multiples so special. I can’t wait until they are all friends and love each other and Ava. Ava already loves them and is just waiting until they are old enough to play with her and talk to her.

My life becomes increasingly busy as the babies are awake more but still not on a consistent wake/nap cycle yet. I run around all day like a madwoman and at about 5pm I finally feel like I might have caught up on my life. I have accepted this. I look forward to sitting down and having a nice long rest one day — maybe for say just one day. That will be nice.

Until then… the mothership is on duty and signing off.


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