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The Babies’ First Wedding and Other Ramblings June 10, 2008

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As I sit here and write this I am eating my dinner. There is no such thing as eating dinner at the dinner table these days. Usually Chris and I switch off eating because there are babies to tend to. Between 5 and 8 is a difficult time at the Woolsey house with babies who need to eat and a big sister who needs her dinner and then to go to bed. The babies are also very awake at these hours, as most babies are. It is the witching hours but luckily most of the time there is no actual “witching” happening, just a bunch of wide awake babies who want to be held.
As I write this I have dishes and groceries everywhere, a load of laundry in the wash, an unmade bed, bjorns and baby slings strewn around the house, a chicken carcass hanging out on the kitchen counter from dinner and dirty bottles in the sink. The sad part is that Costco was only one of two grocery trips that need to be made today and it is already 7pm. Chris will still need to go to the grocery store later today to pick up all the staples we need to eat over the next week. I am not complaining. I am stating the facts and I am very resigned to the fact that this is now my life. Oh believe me I have my moments of fantasy where I dream of my African safari in 2001 or my tour of the French countryside from Paris to Aix in 2003. Oh yes I do remember those days.

A few months ago I went for a checkup with my perinatologist Dr. Gilbert who is about 6 feet 5 inches and in his early 50s. He said he wanted to follow-up with me in a month but that he would be out of the country. “Where are you going?” Chris and I querried with the beginnings of drool forming in the corner of our mouthes. Dr. Gilbert said that he doesn’t have any children, but what he does have are two houses that he owns and rents out in the south of France. So, I waited a couple of months before I could bring myself to look up http://www.myfrenchfarmhouse.com because I knew once I saw it I would want more than anything to be at his French farmhouse. So a few days ago I brought up the website and was introduced to “Les Volets Bleus” — as the good doctor so lovingly calls his French Farmhouse. I feasted my eyes on that beautiful stone house with the bright blue shutters and dreamed that Chris and I were lounging by the wonderful looking pool on the cozy lounge chairs. No crying. No whining. Just silence and relaxation.

And then I realized that it was only a dream and that one day maybe we could take the whole family to Les Volets Bleus and it would be so much more fun watching our kids play with each other in the pool than just the two of us sitting there by ourselves. Dr. Gilbert may have two French farmhouses in the countryside that are spectacular but I have four beautiful healthy children and a lifetime of memories to make with them. Besides, when they get older they will buy Chris and I our own French farmhouse and we will retire there. Oh, was I dreaming again?

Well, the wedding last Saturday was beautiful and wonderful and we love Kaely and Daniel and are so happy they got married. Ava was grumpy because she fell asleep in the car 5 minutes before we got to the wedding and she was already overtired. She managed to make it down the aisle but we all endured about four meltdowns over the course of the night. The babies were fabulous. My plan of passing off babies and having a nice relaxing time worked marvelously. The babies never complained once they had fully bellies. They made it through the whole wedding and reception wide awake except for Preston, my momma’s boy, who slept on my chest in a bjorn the better part of the evening.

Last night was the first night we shipped all the babies up to their nursery to sleep. We realized right away what a peaceful quiet environment it is up there and were sure the babies would appreciate in some unspoken way the serenity of their nursery. They slept well, Preston until 2:30am and the girls slept until 4:30am. Even Ava slept well until 6am without waking up. Chris and I think Ava will do better knowing that she has all her siblings upstairs sleeping with her and that she is not by herself up there.

Well, Ava, Violet and I are off to a pool party at Angela’s house this afternoon. Violet is my chosen baby for this outing since Preston always gets to go everywhere being the nurser he is. This way I can run home (across the street) and nurse him when it is time. I am sure Violet will spend the whole time at the pool party staring at her fists like she did yesterday during her waking hours. So cute.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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