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Octopus Arms May 28, 2008

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As the parents of triplets and a three year old, Chris and I are struggling with the obvious challenge of imbalance between the number of children we have to the number of adults in our house. I was talking on the phone to the guy at El Dorado Disposal voicing my unhappiness with the fact that they did not empty one of my two trash cans and the importance of that considering that I have newborn triplets and that we dispose of approximately 70 dirty diapers a week on top of all the other trash we accumulate. He laughed and then he said, “if only you were an octopus”. That was one of the best comments I think I have ever heard about being a mom of triplets. Yes, why can’t I be an octopus with all of those wonderful arms? Humans are not designed to have more than one baby at a time logistically. This fact presents a daily challenge.

One of my main goals in caring for these sweet babies is to make sure nobody is left crying for too long. I told myself when I was pregnant with this brood of babies that there would have to be crying babies. That I could not attend to all of those babies and that they would just have to cry at times. Well, this is proving too difficult for me. Of course babies cry. I know that and I know that babies never die of crying. But there is a certain amount of extra guilt that comes along with mothering triplets. It seems like it is very easy for one baby to get left out to cry while the others are getting held and comforted. This is too heartbreaking for me which is why I end up doing things that are backbreaking instead. I lift two babies up at once and carry them around, I breastfeed a baby and bottlefeed another on my lap, I have even pumped and held two babies on my lap. I perform ridiculous acrobatic acts to try and make my babies feel loved and not left out just because they happened to be born a triplet. Pretty soon they will be too big for me to be able to perform these acts of heroism and I guess they will just have to cry. Too bad I can’t be an octopus.

Since I can’t be an octopus I ordered the bottle slings which came today. They hold bottles and attach to the top of the carseat to assist in the feeding process when you find yourself out numbered by a pack of hysterically hungry “munchkins” as Ava calls them. Since I know you are all waiting with baited breath as to the success of these bottle slings, I will update about my experience with them as soon as I find myself needing to use them.

Elsa is having a big spitup day today and I feel so badly for her. She has literally been spitting up her food all day and I can’t keep up with the outfits. She looks so miserable. I wish somebody could help her because 5 more months is too long for all of us to wait for her to grow out of this.

I returned my breast pump today to Sutter where I was renting it. I was kind of sad to see it go but happy at the same time. No more pumping unless I need to for Preston. The girls will just be on formula since Violet isn’t a good nurser and Elsa has her acid reflux issues and needs special stuff that is thickened. It is just Preston and I. Pumping breastmilk is one less thing that I have to do everyday which is nice.

Well, it is another busy busy weekend ahead with four kids and a household to run! Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Until next time . . . the mothership is signing off.


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