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3 Months Old Today! May 23, 2008

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It is hard to believe that the babies are 3 months old today. Three months ago these babies were ripped from my abdomen and entered the world healthy but small. The three months have gone by very quickly and if I had to sum up my experience as mother to triplets these past months I would say it has been the busiest time in my life and I have been filled with more love for these babies than I would’ve ever imagined. And I am not just saying that because it sounds good . . . I truly mean it.

Papa and grandma have been here visiting (aka Chris’s parents) and it is always a wonderful treat. I have many hands helping hold babies and feed babies and they are even on night duty. They call themselves “the domestics” and they not only do babies, they do laundry, dishes and basic house cleanup from sun up to sunset. They made it possible for me to go out to dinner with my friends last night which was so much fun. Thank you grandma and papa for your hard work and domestic service that is priceless.

Today was Ava’s last day of preschool at Country Days and we had a big party with a bouncehouse and a breakfast consisting of donuts, cupcakes and sugary muffins. It was a dream come true for Ava. We watched a video of the year with Ava and all her friends at Country Days and I was so struck by how much Ava has grown over the year. She evolved from a baby to a little girl over this year and it reminded me of how fast these years fly by and how your baby turns into a little girl practically overnight. I take those moments of clarity to remind myself to enjoy and appreciate these babies while they are so tiny and sweet and precious. Ava’s teachers Miss Teri and Miss April came up to me on separate occasions to tell me how much they have enjoyed having Ava in class the past year and how well behaved she is following all the rules and treating others well. I was a proud mom. But what really made me feel proud of Ava was when Miss April told me that more times than not they can see big changes in kids when new babies are in the house but that they have never seen one negative change in Ava. She is the same old funny Ava. She has transitioned so well to having three new babies in her house taking up so much of mommy and daddy’s time. That kind of change is big in the world of a three year old.

While Ava has made me crazy with all her “helping” with the babies and invading personal space while we are trying to feed the babies, etc., she loves those babies so much. She says they are “beautiful babies” and calls them sweetie pie.

The babies are officially cooing and smiling and we think we have gotten a laugh out of Preston and Violet. Elsa would laugh but she is too busy barfing all the time.

Nanny Laura says that Preston is a real ladies man. He looks deeply in your eyes with his beautiful blue eyes and gives his little cockeyed smile. Preston is mommy’s boy – my lone breastfeeder and my buddy when I go out and about. I bring Preston with me most places I go because he is so easy.

Violet is all personality and she likes to talk the most. When Violet talks she wants to be taken seriously – it is like she is having a conversation with you because her coos have different intonations and her facial expressions tell their own story. Something about Violet is so scrumptous. When I hold her up on my shoulder with her face next to mine it is very tempting to just gobble her up. Instead of eating her, I kiss her about a thousand times. She is so cuddy and loving. Violet loves to sleep in about an hour or two past Elsa and Violet in the morning. She usually starts stirring around 7:30 or 8am and wakes up with a smile on her face.

Elsa is a beauty. I am the mom so I think all my children are beautiful but Elsa is truly beautiful. She has these almond shaped big brown eyes that I take credit for, this cute little turned up nose which I don’t take credit for, and rosebud lips. I could stare at her all day. She is sweet as can be and loves to stare also but she will turn on you very quickly if she is hungry. The screaming escalates to alarming levels very quickly and you wish that the bottlewarmer took less than 4 minutes to warm the bottle.

So, this is my update for tonight. I am hoping for only one wakeup tonight and to maybe sleep to 6am. One can dream you know.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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