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Celebrating Motherhood May 9, 2008

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On Thursday night the girls were unhappy. It was 5:30 and I was all alone with the babies while Chris and Ava were on their way home from the gym. Elsa had spit up for about the 10th time in 10 minutes and was miserable and most likely hungry. Violet woke up and was crying a sort of cry like she was in pain. My best guess is that she had a bad case of gas. So there I was trying to console two little girls who were only consolable if I held them and cuddled them. The problem was that I could only hold one girl at a time and so I always had one screaming baby on my hands. What I did was take turns picking one up and cuddling them and making them happy until the other was crying so hard I thought they were going to burst a blood vessel, then I would do a baby swap and try and appease the other baby. Meanwhile the Senator was fast asleep, thank god.

Then Chris and Ava came home and Ava was hungry so I passed Elsa off to Chris for an early dinner and I was trying to feed Violet and get Ava her dinner. This is when an extra pair of hands would have come in handy. If only I had one of those nifty bottle proppers a mom in my triplet chat room shared with us. I had always made fun of them and those who resort to using them until this very moment. Now I think they are a genius invention as I am holding a hysterical and hungry Violet and trying to get Ava’s peas and corn into a bowl to microwave. So, then I set Violet down in her swing and think to myself . . . I wonder if I can make my own bottle propper using the toys hanging down from the swing. So that is what I did. I shimmied the bottle into the opening of one of the rings and it was in perfect position to feed Violet.

Pleased with my own cleverness, I peacefully prepared the rest of Ava’s dinner. And then I noticed a card from my mom’s group El Dorado Mother’s of Multiples and inside read:

Mom you are a shining start though the world doesn’t know your name.
You have no fancy title like Baroness or Dame.
Mom you really are a star, my mother mentor and friend.
A Nobel Prize for motherhood is what I’d recommend.
And if I won the lottery I’d share my win with you
I’d take you Mom on a spending spree each day the whole year through!
You may not be famous, as your face is known to few.
But Mom I think you are wonderful and I’m so proud of you!

Well, this just put me over the edge I was teatering on. I teared up and got emotional. There are a lot of mothers out there reading this and I want to wish you a very happy Mother’s Day. I know it is a bit cliche but there absolutely is no harder job that being a mother. A special little person or persons is relying on you 24 hours a day and this is no small job.

Anyway, my sleep deprivation has hit a new low. Normally I am so tired in the middle of the night that I am literally changing and feeding babies while 75% asleep. In the morning I have absolutely no idea what happened the night before. It is getting exceptionally bad because now we let the babies wake us up instead of waking them up at 1 and 4am. Well, now Chris and I are so tired that if we have a crying baby we can’t remember when they last ate or what the heck is really going on at all. Sometimes we think we are feeding one baby and when the bottle is almost gone we realize it is another baby.

Last night I remembered what happened because it made me laugh so hard at 4am. I had Violet and I was at least 75% asleep. I was feeding her in my sleep but I kept letting the bottle drop and I would be woken by the sound of sucking air. I would shake myself awake and tell myself I must do a better job of taking care of this child. I must prop the bottle higher so she does not suck air and give herself terrible gas. Well, lets just say I was awoken by the sound of air sucking on about 8 to 10 different occasions. The feeding session hit a new low when I looked down only to realize that I was trying to feed Violet from the wrong side of the bottle. That’s right, I had the nipple pointed toward me and I was trying to fit the bottom of the bottle into Violet’s small little mouth. I must say that Violet probably sensed how pathetic I was at that moment because she was so patient with me. She didn’t squirm or squack or cry. She just patiently waited for me to get my act together and proceeded to finish the bottle. How sad.

A dad who participates in my triplet chatroom recently confessed that he dropped one of his trips. He feels so guilty and wonders if it is a normal parently problem or a triplet condition. I know for me it is a triplet problem. I have on numerous occasions worried about dropping a baby because I am usually juggling too much at one time. I don’t remember worrying about dropping Ava. The closest I’ve come to baby dropping so far is when I was nursing Preston and
Violet at the same time on the couch and all of a sudden Violet rolled off my lap and slammed against the side of the couch. She was not happy, although uninjured. Then when I went to bring her back up to nurse more I hit her head against Preston’s head. Again, not a happy Violet.

Yesterday my mom and I went shopping and for some spa treatments for Mother’s day. It was glorious. Today on Mother’s Day I enjoyed my kids. Well, Ava drove me a little crazy because she was stuck in the house all day but I still enjoyed my day. Ava started out the day with a Mother’s Day card she made for me. It consisted of a large piece of lavendar paper and in the middle it said AOO and below it said AVA. I asked her what AOO was and she said it was I Love You Happy Mother’s Day. The babies were sweet and good. I am a lucky mom.

Happy Mother’s Day my mother friends. That poem is for you!

The mothership is signing off . . . I must get out of this puke drenched tank top!


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