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The Triplets Get a Social LIfe May 5, 2008

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First of all, I got a laptop computer for an early Mother’s Day gift this year and I couldn’t be happier. Now I can go all around the house and plant myself in different locations where Ava is playing and write in my blog, pay bills, entertain babies etc. I feel that my small world has opened up a little with my new computer! Yes, you will probably be subjected to more entries from me now that I won’t be holed up in the messy office to write.

The babies were out and about in a big way this weekend. It started on Friday when I decided to bring the Senator out to playgroup with Ava and I. We went to the park where Ava rode in continuous circles around the play structure on her friend’s bikes and Preston slept the entire time. I actually had to wake him up at 1pm to feed him before we hit the road. Meanwhile, Chris held down the fort with the girls at home. It was a successful outing and I must say, two kids is SO easy.

On Saturday I decided to bring Ava and Preston once again to Kaely’s wedding shower. Now, don’t think I am playing favorites with my boy, I bring him because he is my super star breastfeeder and I don’t have to bring my pump if I bring Preston. Elsa is also a good breastfeeder but her acid reflux problem makes her a bit anti-social. Violet is my easiest-going child which would make her a likely candidate for a day out on the town, but she is not a good breastfeeder. So, off we went to the shower where my children were good citizens of the world. I am so happy because I feel like I have finally gotten to the place with Ava, after 3 1/2 years, that I can take her to social events and she is a pleasant, well-behaved child. At the shower Preston slept half the time and ate some and then was held the rest of the time. As long as my triplets are held, they are happy. They are lucky little triplets because so far in their lives they have gotten to be held quite a bit for being triplets.

From the shower the whole family hopped in the car and headed down to Fair Oaks to Molly and Nima’s hood for a surprise 30th birthday party. There were probably 20 to 25 people there altogether. This was a HUGE break for Chris and I as it turns out. Yes, it is a small ordeal packing everything we need up for four kids, three of them infants, but once we got there we had many hands to hold and feed babies. The babies got passed around just like the pediatrician warned us against and we loved every minute of it. At one point Chris and I actually enjoyed a quite five minutes to ourselves in the backyard. The kids were all very good and it gave me hope for the future. Maybe we can still have a life after triplets. In fact, it is looking more and more possible as we get further into this adventure. I decided that Chris and I should attend party every weekend and bring all of our children so other people can take care of them for us while we relax. Just joking. No I’m not.

Another noteworthy event this weekend is the babies are smiling huge smiles and it is definitely not gas. These smiles are huge mouth wide open smiles. What I think is interesting is that they all three gave us these big smiles on numerous occasions this weekend for the first time. They have smiled before but we were never sure it it was a smile in response to us and it was never the big wide open mouth smile. Violet kicked off the smile weekend with her series of huge smiles while Chris was talking to her and then the other two followed suit. Boy, there is not much better than a big smile from a 2 month old!

So it is Monday and I have a bunch of random things on my to-do list. One of them is that the babies birth certificates came in and that means I have to shoot them off to about 20 different diaper/formula/baby product companies who offer free stuff to people with higher order multiples. It will be interesting to see what comes out of that little project.

Until next time, the Mothership is signing off.


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