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Remembering Trevor April 25, 2008

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I am trying to get a quick note in before my three little monkeys start hollering. They are each in separate rooms in the house in different seats either sleeping or keeping themselves entertains with their binkies and the little toys that dangle from the swings.

I want to take a minute to remember a sweet and beautiful little boy named Trevor Austin Kott who died a year ago today. It is hard to believe it has been a year already. Our good friends Angela and Bob across the street lost Trevor to a rare form of leukemia one year ago today. Angela and Bob are remembering Trevor today by having a gathering at his gravesite and then a party/potluck at their home tonight. Chris and I are going to go and maybe even bring the babies, if we can just figure out how to get the babies from our house to across the street without having to drive. We miss you and love you Trevor – you were a special little boy.

I had a crazy day on Wednesday – of course the day that Chris is in Chicago. I took Violet to the doctor because I didn’t like the sound of her cough and Ava had just had pneumonia so I thought I would get Violet checked out. We were in the doctors office for an hour and a half. Violet had a major coughing fit that lasted about 10 minutes. I was so glad I was in the doctor’s office when it happened because it would’ve completely stessed me out to witness that at home. The doctor said she seemed okay but to be sure he sent us to Folsom so Violet could have a chest x-ray. We were there for another hour and a half doing that. Violet was so good the whole time. It turns out that Violet doesn’t have an infection of any kind, just some inflamation in her bronchial tubes and I have to watch her closely to make sure it doesn’t get worse. So far she seems to be on the mend. It is never a dull moment with three newborn babies and a preschooler, that is for sure.

The babies are out of their preemie clothes and into newborn clothing. Some of it runs big and some of it fits perfectly. These babies are growing at record speeds and I think they finally look like newborn babies. I know we need to post some more pictures but first we need to actually take some more pictures.

The babies are still on a 3 hour eating schedule, even at night and our exhaustion is a continual part of our life. Oddly though, I seem to be handling it a lot better than I did when Ava was a newborn. When I look back on being a new mom and caring for Ava, I definitely feel I had the baby blues and didn’t even know it. I feel so much different this time around and despite the fact that I am a total work horse with laundry, bottle washing and caring for all these kids, I feel so much love and happiness in my life. They are good kids. Even though I have double the amount of kids I always planned on having, I truly could not imagine a life with out all of them in it.

The weather is going to be in the 80s this weekend and I can’t wait! I can’t wait to have a great summer and be able to take all the kids out and about. Enough of being homebound, we are ready to be out in the world growing and thriving in the summer sun!!

Until next time, the mothership is signing off. . .


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