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Triplet Logistics April 19, 2008

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As the babies get a little older, two months old today, and I begin to get out of the house a little more, I start to wonder about how on earth I am going to get out of the house with the four kids. I took Ava to playgroup today, a gathering of friends who have stuck together since our kids were all only month old, and I watched as the 3 year olds ran around the park playing and riding bikes. I watched as my mom friends managed their second children who are all around one year old. It looked like a lot of work for my mom friends managing the two kids out at the park. But then again, it looked easy compared to managing four small kids. It led me to wonder . . . either I am going to have very well behaved kids who listen to me and my almighty mothership commands or I will not be going to the park for a long time. Just thinking about it exhausted me. But then my defense mechanisms set in – my “I will survive and have a life with triplets” thought process kicked in. Maybe it won’t be as hard as I think it will. I will set the expectations early for these children early and use my organization skills to my benefit and we will indeed go to the park and the zoo and wherever we want. Well, one can dream.

Chris has been gone to San Francisco this week and Chris’s parents have stepped in to help while he is gone. I basically exchanged Chris for two hard working “domestics” as they call themselves. They have cleaned bottles, done all the laundry fed and held babies and gotten up with me every three hours in the night to feed the trio. I am extremely grateful and appreciative to them for stepping in and helping with enthusiasm and a smile on their faces – even at one in the morning.

Our sweet Elsa continues to have a problem spitting up and choking on it. We took her to a pediatric GI doctor who has her on Nexium and we may try to thicken the breastmilk. If that doesn’t help we may have to switch Elsa to a special formula to help with the reflux. The poor baby is so sweet and good natured and I hate to watch her suffer through this. Luckily she will eventually grow out of it.

Violet is full of personality and curiousity already. I caught her batting a toy with her little fist the other day, watching wonderously as it waved back and forth. I was pretty amazed that she figured that out so quickly. She is a little love and a great sleeper!

Preston’s male pattern baldness is resolving itself. The hair on top of his head seems to be growing back a blonde color. We call Preston the Senator because of his name in combo with his serious personality. He is serious and sensitive and seems to need more than the girls. He wants to be held and when you talk to him in a loving voice he looks at you with such joy. His pathetic little cry is a relief compared to his sister’s piercing wales.

I found out tonight that my Auntie Joyce from a little town in England died a few days ago. Chris and I loved her. We had a few opportunities to be with Auntie Joyce and her fraternal twin sister Auntie Mu who were inseparable throughout their lives together. I worry about what Auntie Mu will do now without her second half. I am not sure a day in their lives went by when they weren’t together because they loved each other so. Auntie Mu was diabetic so Auntie Joyce committed herself to the same restricted diet as Auntie Mu. They finished each others sentences. They rode the bus to the store together and had tea together. I only hope that my kids can have that strong of a love and bond with each other.

And where one life ends, another one begins . . .

the mothership is signing off.


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