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Pictures, Doctor’s Visits and More April 29, 2008

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First of all, I have new pictures! Well, they are from a few months ago when the babies first came home and they are so sweet. Once again, Brenda did a fantastic job taking pictures. Here is the link: http://www.bisharatphotos.com/slideshows2/slideshow.php?slideshow=Megan+Woolsey+home+full
Our Ava isn’t in this set but she will be in the next.

I promise this won’t be a complaining post, and with that said, bear with me as I complain. Sunday night the babies slept from 10 until 3:30am, a great feat for 2 months old babies and three of them at that. The only problem is that Ava woke me up four times!!! I could’ve had 5 hours of uninterupted sleep but Ava kept waking me up and wouldn’t listen to my pleas for her to go back to sleep and quit getting me out of bed. Where is the justice in that? My friend Maureen came Monday night and spent the night in Chris’s absence and is such a trooper because she was up twice in the night and then has to work all day – thanks Maureen. And my sister has been a tremendous help spending the night, holding babies, feeding babies, washing bottles, etc. Thank goodness for wonderful friends and family.

So Chris is out of town again and again I have baby issues. This time it isn’t a chest x-ray for Violet but an x-ray for Elsa who continues to spit up record amounts of food and one for Preston who now has Violet’s cold and is coughing and wheezing.

On Sunday Elsa spit up two entire bottles. We just feel so badly for her and want it fixed but nothing we do helps. She seems like she is gaining enough weight and isn’t suffering any long term prognosis but I hate to watch her barf all day long. It is uncomfortable and exhausting and she is such a trooper in dealing with it. I think most babies who have acid reflux to the extent that Elsa does are very fussy all day long but Elsa isn’t. She just goes with the flow unless she is hungry and then she roars!

So, off Elsa and I went to Sutter Memorial where we spent the majority of the day giving her tests – xrays and then a test where she had to drink this nasty tasting white fluid from a bottle and so the doctor could watch it go through her system and make sure things are moving and there isn’t any problems inside that could be causing the problem. Elsa came home with a totally clean and healthy bill of health. The bottom line is that Elsa has an extreme case of acid reflux which is very common in preemies and we just have to all work through it until she grows out of it in about four or five months. I hope my friends will still want to hang out with me over the next few months even though I smell like throw up 🙂

Preston and I took a field trip to the doctor today to address his wheezing and coughing and of course that trip turned into another trip to the Folsom Radiology place in Folsom for an x-ray of his chest. The doctor doesn’t think he has any infection but she didn’t want to miss anything with such small babies. Speaking of babies and their size, Preston weighed in at 7 pounds 3 ounces today. He is such a big boy! We are still waiting for the test results. In the waiting room at the doctor’s office I saw this cute dad with four girls all around him. I just had to ask him if all four girls were his and he said that he has five girls and three of them are triplets! Four year old triplets! Of course we got into a conversation about triplets and he said once we make it to about 9 months things are a piece of cake. Babies play together and sleep is not as much of a problem. He looked like he just loved his life with all of his girls – so cute!

Later, while I was in the waiting room at the Radiology office I fell asleep sitting up in the chair. The lady next to me who doesn’t respect the exhausted sleeping mom woke me up to tell me that I must be tired as a new mom. I said that I have two more of those little munchkins at home and tired doesn’t quite describe how I feel. She proceeded to ask me if I planned on having triplets. Hmmm, did I plan on having triplets? What? All I could do is laugh. I got a good chuckle out of that one. Ahhh, I could write an entire book on the comments and questions I get from the general public on the topic of my triplets. Maybe I will one day.

Until then, I am making it day by day and hoping tomorrow will not land me in a doctor’s office or hospital. Chris is home tomorrow and we will all be so glad to have him back. He always asks me if I miss him or his home help and my answer is always — both.

I am going to sign off now and close my eyes for a few minutes while Ava is out and the babies are all asleep. Sigh. I am glad I write this blog because I can assure you this will all be a fog to me one day and I won’t be able to remember a thing from this time in my life.

Until next time, the mothership is out of here . . .


Remembering Trevor April 25, 2008

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I am trying to get a quick note in before my three little monkeys start hollering. They are each in separate rooms in the house in different seats either sleeping or keeping themselves entertains with their binkies and the little toys that dangle from the swings.

I want to take a minute to remember a sweet and beautiful little boy named Trevor Austin Kott who died a year ago today. It is hard to believe it has been a year already. Our good friends Angela and Bob across the street lost Trevor to a rare form of leukemia one year ago today. Angela and Bob are remembering Trevor today by having a gathering at his gravesite and then a party/potluck at their home tonight. Chris and I are going to go and maybe even bring the babies, if we can just figure out how to get the babies from our house to across the street without having to drive. We miss you and love you Trevor – you were a special little boy.

I had a crazy day on Wednesday – of course the day that Chris is in Chicago. I took Violet to the doctor because I didn’t like the sound of her cough and Ava had just had pneumonia so I thought I would get Violet checked out. We were in the doctors office for an hour and a half. Violet had a major coughing fit that lasted about 10 minutes. I was so glad I was in the doctor’s office when it happened because it would’ve completely stessed me out to witness that at home. The doctor said she seemed okay but to be sure he sent us to Folsom so Violet could have a chest x-ray. We were there for another hour and a half doing that. Violet was so good the whole time. It turns out that Violet doesn’t have an infection of any kind, just some inflamation in her bronchial tubes and I have to watch her closely to make sure it doesn’t get worse. So far she seems to be on the mend. It is never a dull moment with three newborn babies and a preschooler, that is for sure.

The babies are out of their preemie clothes and into newborn clothing. Some of it runs big and some of it fits perfectly. These babies are growing at record speeds and I think they finally look like newborn babies. I know we need to post some more pictures but first we need to actually take some more pictures.

The babies are still on a 3 hour eating schedule, even at night and our exhaustion is a continual part of our life. Oddly though, I seem to be handling it a lot better than I did when Ava was a newborn. When I look back on being a new mom and caring for Ava, I definitely feel I had the baby blues and didn’t even know it. I feel so much different this time around and despite the fact that I am a total work horse with laundry, bottle washing and caring for all these kids, I feel so much love and happiness in my life. They are good kids. Even though I have double the amount of kids I always planned on having, I truly could not imagine a life with out all of them in it.

The weather is going to be in the 80s this weekend and I can’t wait! I can’t wait to have a great summer and be able to take all the kids out and about. Enough of being homebound, we are ready to be out in the world growing and thriving in the summer sun!!

Until next time, the mothership is signing off. . .


Quote on Friendship April 20, 2008

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Just a quote of the day:
A TRUE friend unbosoms freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friendship unchangeably.
— William Penn
Thanks to all of our wonderful friends and family who have been so great to us during this time. You are much appreciated!


Triplet Logistics April 19, 2008

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As the babies get a little older, two months old today, and I begin to get out of the house a little more, I start to wonder about how on earth I am going to get out of the house with the four kids. I took Ava to playgroup today, a gathering of friends who have stuck together since our kids were all only month old, and I watched as the 3 year olds ran around the park playing and riding bikes. I watched as my mom friends managed their second children who are all around one year old. It looked like a lot of work for my mom friends managing the two kids out at the park. But then again, it looked easy compared to managing four small kids. It led me to wonder . . . either I am going to have very well behaved kids who listen to me and my almighty mothership commands or I will not be going to the park for a long time. Just thinking about it exhausted me. But then my defense mechanisms set in – my “I will survive and have a life with triplets” thought process kicked in. Maybe it won’t be as hard as I think it will. I will set the expectations early for these children early and use my organization skills to my benefit and we will indeed go to the park and the zoo and wherever we want. Well, one can dream.

Chris has been gone to San Francisco this week and Chris’s parents have stepped in to help while he is gone. I basically exchanged Chris for two hard working “domestics” as they call themselves. They have cleaned bottles, done all the laundry fed and held babies and gotten up with me every three hours in the night to feed the trio. I am extremely grateful and appreciative to them for stepping in and helping with enthusiasm and a smile on their faces – even at one in the morning.

Our sweet Elsa continues to have a problem spitting up and choking on it. We took her to a pediatric GI doctor who has her on Nexium and we may try to thicken the breastmilk. If that doesn’t help we may have to switch Elsa to a special formula to help with the reflux. The poor baby is so sweet and good natured and I hate to watch her suffer through this. Luckily she will eventually grow out of it.

Violet is full of personality and curiousity already. I caught her batting a toy with her little fist the other day, watching wonderously as it waved back and forth. I was pretty amazed that she figured that out so quickly. She is a little love and a great sleeper!

Preston’s male pattern baldness is resolving itself. The hair on top of his head seems to be growing back a blonde color. We call Preston the Senator because of his name in combo with his serious personality. He is serious and sensitive and seems to need more than the girls. He wants to be held and when you talk to him in a loving voice he looks at you with such joy. His pathetic little cry is a relief compared to his sister’s piercing wales.

I found out tonight that my Auntie Joyce from a little town in England died a few days ago. Chris and I loved her. We had a few opportunities to be with Auntie Joyce and her fraternal twin sister Auntie Mu who were inseparable throughout their lives together. I worry about what Auntie Mu will do now without her second half. I am not sure a day in their lives went by when they weren’t together because they loved each other so. Auntie Mu was diabetic so Auntie Joyce committed herself to the same restricted diet as Auntie Mu. They finished each others sentences. They rode the bus to the store together and had tea together. I only hope that my kids can have that strong of a love and bond with each other.

And where one life ends, another one begins . . .

the mothership is signing off.


Never A Dull Moment April 14, 2008

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It is not quite noon on Monday and I have been barfed on 3 times, peed on once and pooped on once by the babies. The bodily fluids are flowing heavy today. Last night Ava threw up at the dinner table and then a full adult sized throw up in the toilet shortly thereafter. It has been an eventful weekend to say the least. Chris took Ava to the doctor this morning and she has pneumonia which came on amazingly fast. Just last Thursday we took the whole crew to the doctor to check weights and have the doctor look at Ava to make sure what she has is just a cold and hasn’t turned into an infection, and follow-up on Elsa’s nasty acid reflux problem. Everyone checked out beautifully then. The doctor thinks Elsa looks fantastic and Ava just had a head cold. Things have gone downhill since.

Elsa has been spitting up record amounts of her food despite the two medications she is on. Ava’s “head cold” has turned into pneumonia and the babies have officially woken up from their newborn slumber. Don’t worry, we haven’t fallen apart at the seams . . . yet . . . but it was a very long weekend which began on Thursday morning for us since Nanny Laura was also sick and couldn’t come help. My mellow, easy going Preston has become fairly fussy during the day and really just wants to be held. I told him that he is one of three babies plus a wild red headed preschooler and he may just not get the attention he wants, but he is persistent indeed. Try as a might to remind myself that babies don’t ever die of crying, I cannot let him cry for more than about a minute and then I have to come rescue him from his sadness. Preston has a way with the ladies, particularly me, because when he cries he juts that bottom lip out with precise patheticness and squishes his face into this perfect look of misery. I cannot let him suffer.

So, Preston, our big bruiser, weighed in at 6 pounds, 1 ounce, Violet who was only 3 pounds 3 ounces at birth was right behind Preston at 5 pounds 15 ounces and little Elsa who was the biggest at birth is 5 1/2 pounds. Elsa can’t keep up with her brother and sister in weight because she spits up so much of her food. We have decided to take her to a Pediatric Gastrointerologist to help Elsa keep her food down. She is a really good sport with all the spitting up and choking she does.

Little Violet has really turned into a great sleeper and an easy-going baby. The only time she fusses is if she has gas and then I use my very cool gas relief trick and she settles down. Okay, my gas relief trick is as follow: gently massage the belly in a counterclockwise direction a few times and then break periodically to take the legs and press them against their body. I do this and it really works. I love those natural remedies!

My other trick for fussy babies that I am LOVING is this infantino baby sling. I swear the thing is magic. I take any one of the babies when they are fussing and strap them in and walk around a little. Within 5 seconds the baby is no longer fussing and a minute later the baby is fast asleep.

We are just taking it day by day over here and working through the daily challenges. Despite the fact that they poop, spit up, throw up and pee on me, these are good kids and I think we’ll keep them.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off. . .


Sleepless in Sacramento April 6, 2008

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This weekend Ava has been away with Gigi, Gramps, Auntie and Uncle Nima to Oregon to celebrate my Nana’s 90th birthday. She was so excited to go on the airplane and on vacation, but mostly she was excited about the birthday cake that would be served at Nana’s birthday party on Saturday. Although our little Ava is tons of work on top of newborn triplets, we miss her sweet little face and her vivacious personality around this house when she is gone.

Last night was a tough night for sleep in the Woolsey house. I don’t know if there was something that I ate that migrated into my breast milk and caused the babies to be unsettled and unhappy, but there was not much sleep happening. We could not get the babies to settle down. They were all fussy and crying, which is unusual for them. We ended up feeding them at 2am and tried to put them to sleep in their crib, but again they weren’t having any of it. Finally I grabbed Elsa and Chris grabbed Violet and we snuggled them up to us so we could all sleep. Preston seemed the least fussy so we left him in his crib. Well, sure enough, we got the girls settled and peaceful in our bed and Preston started to cry. It broke my heart to think of him abandoned by his family and left to fend for himself in the crib alone (dramatic, I know), so Chris got him and put him next to Elsa and I in bed and alas, there was sleep. So, we all slept from about 3 to 7 in the morning. Good thing we have a King sized bed to accommodate all of us. We are absolutely exhausted today and hoping for a better night sleep tonight.

I woke up this morning having one of my guilty mom moments that I dread. I was, yet again, feeling guilty and sad that Ava and I used to do everything together – parks, gymnastics, music class, just playing in her room, etc. – and now I am left pumping and breastfeeding three babies all day without much time for Ava. I was Ava’s playmate and constant companion, which was exhausting and didn’t always make me happy, but it made Ava happy and it saved me from any kind of mommy guilt. Since I was 20 weeks pregnant, Ava has not had me in the same way she used to. She has not been lacking any fun or love or attention, but she has been lacking having her mommy as her everyday buddy. Her nanny Laura picks her up from preschool Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. On Wednesday I went to pick Ava up from preschool but I didn’t tell her I was doing it because it was a last minute decision. I cannot write in words the excitement Ava expressed as I walked through that door to pick her up. It was like the best thing that has happened to her all month that I was picking her up from preschool. It took a lot for me not to start crying at her reaction. Then as we walked out the front door hand in hand Ava looked up at me and said “thank you so much mommy for picking me up from preschool”. Later when I thought about that moment I couldn’t help but feel sad and guilty, instead of happy that Ava loves me so much. I felt like I have abandoned her and she has been so forgiving about it. I know, probably dramatic again. So I decided that I will be picking Ava up from preschool every Wednesday from now on. Every little thing that I can do to show Ava I am there for her will help to make her transition into life with triplets a little easier I hope.

I know Ava didn’t ask for three siblings at the same time who she will have to share her attention with, but Chris reminds me how lucky she is to have these sisters and brother in her life forever and the fun they will have together. He also reminds me that even though my time with her isn’t as much as it used to be, I am still home for Ava every day.

We posted a new slideshow of Ava on Easter and the babies. They are some fun pictures so check them out!

Until next time, the sleep deprived overdramatic mothership is signing off. . .


New kiddo pictures April 5, 2008

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