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Life With The Babies Home March 23, 2008

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I am trying to figure out whether I think life with the triplets home is easier or harder than I thought, different or the same as I thought it would be, and I have decided that I cannot decide. I definitely don’t think life with the triplets is necessarily hard right now but I think I may be in a time that can be described as the calm before the storm. The babies are now about 38 weeks old and they have been in the world for an entire month now. Their life right now is all about food. I have finally mastered the task of breasfeeding Elsa and Preston at the same time which I figure saves about 20 – 25 minutes of time feeding babies. Violet is too fidgety on the boob so she always gets a bottle. One of these days I will try to breastfeed her again. After I breasfeed I pump. It is a rigorous schedule of expelling milk from my body but I am still able to exclusively breastfeed the babies which makes me feel good about myself and it saves us tons of money in formula.

Our feeding day begins at 7am each morning and continues every 3 hours from there. So, the babies eat at 7, 10, 1, 4, 7, 10 etc. I like the schedule a lot because we are usually able to get the babies fed before we go to sleep at around 10 pm and then we are only woken up twice in the night. At 7am the babies are still sleeping but Ava isn’t. Unfortunately for Chris, he has Ava morning duty which begins around 6am and consists of two, not one, but two glasses of juice/water mix delivered to Ava and then back up to bed. Chris usually falls back asleep with Ava in her bed. I have the delightful task of bringing the most restless baby that morning into bed with me and we cuddle up and fall back asleep.

The babies are very good and quiet right now, with the excepetion of Violet who is never very quiet. She has so much to say already and likes to assert her opinions in a series of loud and cantacorous grunts that go on and on. She is most active and opinionated between the hours of 7 and midnight, unfortunately for us. Her brother Preston also gets a little more fidgety at night. Little Elsa is super easy going and consistently pleasant. Mostly she is either awake and content or asleep and content.

We have decided that Preston is indeed a Chris clone, while Violet is a child from my grandma Cora Traub’s mom’s side (complicated I know) with her small features and very petite frame. Elsa seems to look like me based on some baby pictures we dug up, except her dark coloring throws us all off. My grandpa refers to Elsa as “the dark one’ which is funny considering the red-headed coloring of all her other siblings.

Chris and I got an unexpected date night again last night. Chris’s parent’s are in town for 5 days and have kindly agreed to do the night shift with us and the babies. Last night they offered to stay with the kids and Chris and I snuck out for some fajitas and margaritas. We determined on our way home that Chris’s parent’s would be holding Violet and Preston while Elsa would be sound asleep in her crib. Sure enough that is the situation we came home to so I guess we know our babies already.

More later – the mothership is signing off for now. . .


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