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The Woolsey Possy Is Home March 15, 2008

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First of all, I want to tell you that the very wonderful and talented Brenda Bisharat sent us all the pictures she took of the delivery of the babies. They are very cool and beautiful as only Brenda could do.
go to enter site
hit “proofing”
enter Woosley as the password. Notice the “s” and “l” are switched. And it is case sensitive. There are over 300 pictures so it takes a little time to get through.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Brenda. You are an amazing person.
I also wanted to let you all know that Brenda is nominated as Sacramento’s Best Photographer. If you want to vote for her, here is her info and voting just takes a minute:

Exactly three weeks from the day they were born and admitted into the NICU, Preston and Violet made their way home to Cameron Park. Elsa had arrived earlier in the week on Tuesday and so we had a little bit of time to adjust to a newborn in the house again.
It was very emotional for me taking the babies home yesterday. As I made my final expedition in the Lactation Station room at the hospital where I have spent so much of my time pumping, I got teary eyed thinking that this phase of life is officially over for me. As strange as it seems, I look back on my stay in the hospital, my C-section, the babies time growing big and healthy in the NICU and my time pumping in the Lactation Station as some of my fondest life memories. To think that we are officially closing this chapter of life and beginning the new chapter with the babies home brought a rush of emotion to me. When I left the hospital from my three week stay I had to say goodbye to all the special nurses who took amazing care of me while the babies grew in my belly. I could no longer ring the nurse at midnight for a couple of bowls of jelly, or first thing in the morning for my customary cup of cranberry juice. I guess I was going to have to get it myself from now on đŸ™‚
I had the same type of emotions all over again yesterday as we loaded up the babies into their carseats and headed out. I had to say goodbye to my favorite nurses who loved our babies and took care of them with love and compassion. I was no longer a visitor in my babies lives, Chris and I were now full time parents. When you are bringing three babies home from the hospital, this thought is exciting and very scary at the same time.
As we left the hospital’s with the babies, we stopped by my nurse’s station to show them the end product of my hospital stay. They were truly beside themselves with happiness when they saw the babies and I promised to send pictures along the way. As we packed them up in the car, our favorite nurse Ann was there helping us and she teared up as we departed — she said she truly loved our little crew and would really miss them. It was an emotional day.
So, last night was predictably sleepless. Preston and Elsa were very peaceful and sympathetic to their mom and dad’s need for some sleep, but Violet sat in her crib and moaned and groaned and shreeked and sucked furiously on her binkie until it fell out, and then she shreeked again. I didn’t know a 4.6 pound baby was so loud, and neither did her brother and sister. Everytime she screamed, Elsa and Preston jumped in their sleep. We eventually demoted Violet to the pack n play in the family room with the special vibrating function, hoping for some peace but we learned you can run but you cannot hide from the Violet shreek. Chris ended up holding her and they slept together and there was at last a few hours of peace. We are hoping for a better night tonight.
Sleep or no sleep, the babies are so precious and we love them so much. Ava loves them also and she always says, “they are such cute babies”. It is sweet. All the kids look so different from one another and so far they all have personalities unique from one another. I have a feeling I am going to have to be Preston’s advocate with all those girls around him. He seems like such a gentle, mellow little boy.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off . . .


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