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A Circus Act March 11, 2008

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I had a triplet experience in Babies R Us today. What is the triplet experience you may ask? I had been warned about becoming a circus act once you are out and about with your triplets. There have been many a dialogue via email between members of my triplet group about how once you bring your triplets out into the world, you no longer can efficiently get through a store without being stopped by a hundred people wanting to know if the babies are triplets and how you take care of three babies at once etc. etc.

Today in Babies R Us, Chris and I experienced the before-bringing-babies-home triplet experience that I didn’t know was possible. We had 1/2 an hour to load up our shopping cart with all the Pampers preemie diapers that we could fit into our shopping cart, as well all the disposable washcloths that Babies R Us carried in stock today. We headed quickly up to the checkout line and began to unload the 4,562 diapers and 3,600 washcloths onto the counter. A lady behind us said – geez, what do you guys have twins or triplets or something?? We said, yes, triplets. “Oh my god I was just kidding,” she said. It went downhill from there. This nice lady wanted to know everything about the triplets and what we are going to do about taking care of triplets. It went on and on. Chris was politely answering all of her questions while I just wanted to buy my $2,000 in diapers and washcloths and be on my merry way. About 10 minutes into the triplet interrogation, a woman who worked behind the counter said to this woman, “there is a register that has been available behind you” and then the lady replied “I know, I know, but I am just so interested in their situation over here”. Yes, we are a circus act already!

We are hoping to get Elsa home tomorrow and Chris and I have had all this crazy adrenaline energy racing through our bodies in anticipation of getting one of our babies home. Elsa now weighs 4 pounds 3 ounces, while Violet weighs 4 pounds almost 3 ounces and Preston weighs 4 pounds 5 ounces. It is amazing how much they grow every day. Tonight Elsa took her bottle in 5 minutes, Violet took hers in 10 minutes and Preston took his in 15 minutes. This is a great feeding for all of them. The doctor expects that Violet and Preston will be home by the end of the week. We are excited and scared a the same time.

Since our babies are coming home this week, I called my friend Emily who had her triplets about 6 weeks ago to pick her brain about how it is going in her house with all the babies home. She is doing great and said it isn’t as difficult as she thought it would be, but she also has a night nurse. Chris and I have a lot of fear about how we will manage the night time when Chris has to work all day and I have 4 kids under 4 to take care of, with nanny Laura’s help of course. If anyone wants to offer night time service and help feed babies and change poopy diapers in the wee hours of the night, we are accepting all offers 🙂 It will be a sleep deprived 2008 for us but we are ready for the challenge.

I met with the lactation consulatant today and she laid out a very ambitious and overwhelming breastfeeding/pumping schedule for me to provide the most breastmilk to the babies. I thought to myself, how am I ever going to accomplish this? I am literally going to be a milk making machine – well, I guess I already am. I am now pumping out over 32 ounces of milk for the babies, and luckily they eat 32 ounces every day for now. It is amazing how a woman’s body can produce what it needs to feed three babies. When they get home I will do the best I can with breastfeeding and pumping without going absolutely crazy.

Hopefully tomorrow we will have one of the babies home and I can share the experience.

Until then, the mothership is signing off. . .


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