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Growing Babes March 9, 2008

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The babies are now 35+ weeks and are doing so well. Elsa and Preston now weigh 4 pounds 2 ounces and little petite Violet who only started out at 3 pounds 3 ounces now weighs a hefty 4 pounds. They average a weight gain of almost 2 ounces a day which I find extraordinary. It must be that magic breastmilk. They are starting to get chubby cheeks and double chins but so far are keeping their spindly little legs and arms. I am sure the girls will be first to develop those little chubby rolls, as most girls do – lucky us.

I love to watch their little personalities grow. Elsa is the most alert these days. She has long periods of time where she opens her eyes and is just so at peace checking out the new world around her. Violet is very opinionated and stubborn, a complete spitfire like another little red head I know. She makes me laugh with all of her funny faces and dramatic stretching exercises. Preston is a very serious young man. He is the only one I haven’t seen smile yet. He has really woken up this last week and looks around with his big eyes. He is the spitting image of Chris. I think he is a very sensitive boy so far and will soon learn that he will need to get tough with all those girls around.

On Friday the doctor said that he thinks Elsa may come home this coming Monday or Tuesday because she is taking her bottles so well. I am not sure if that will actually happen but I do think all the babies may be home by this time next week. It will be an exciting and crazy time!

I am finally able to drive again and am functioning almost pain free. What an ordeal my body has gone through and it is just nice to be able to do things around the house and walk up the stairs to play with Ava in her bedroom. Now I just need to go shopping for some clothes so I don’t have to feel so frumpy anymore. It is difficult because I am inbetween maternity clothes and regular clothes which leaves me just wearing baggy non-maternity clothes every day.

The neonatal doctor told Chris and I to go out on a date this weekend because it may be our last for awhile, hinting at the fact that the babies will be home soon, so that is what we are doing. My parent’s are taking Ava for the night and we are heading down to the hospital for the afternoon and then going to dinner tonight. This will be my first dinner out, and perhaps my last, for a long time so I plan on living it up!

Until next time, the mothership is signing off. . .


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