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About Last Night. . . February 21, 2008

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I am floating along smoothly and without drama and I start to get very confident, throwing out statements like “Baby A and C never have any problems with their heart rates” and “I haven’t had a decell in a long time” (meaning about a week) and then of course something will happen to shake me all up and make me nervous again.

I was being monitored at 10:00 last night and was just about done. The clock, which I monitor closely, anxious to be done, was nearing 11:00. I called my nurse in because I was having these terrible gas pains. Apparently the spicy chorizo black bean soup and the bean nachos were not sitting well in the belly – go figure. So, I was having these agonizing gas pains which I was afraid were going to start causing some contractions. My nurse came in and we were talking Maalox when Baby A’s heart rate started to decell out of the blue. I did the ol roll over on one side, roll over on the other and when nothing worked it was back to my favorite – the dog position. That didn’t work either so I rolled and layed almost flat on my back and up went her heart rate to like 180 beats per minute. Her heart was overcompensating for its previous slow beats. By this time there were about 4 nurses in the room and I was on oxygen and the IV was about to go in to get me hydrated. My nurse called my doctor and relayed what she saw to him and he didn’t like it. He said I havge to stay on the monitor for 4 more hours and if it happens again we were taking the babies out – emergency C-section style.

As you know, I am not a big fan of the IV. They dug around for 5 minutes in my left arm and gave up. Then they went into my right arm without the lidacane this time and they found the vein. I was proud of myself because through this recent drama I was able to remain calm and not freak out and start to hyperventilate. I called Chris and told him I think he should come down. Molly was again our lifesaver and came over at midnight to stay with Ava and Chris drove down. The babies stayed on the monitors until about 2am and then my doctor said they looked so good that they could come off of them. The drama had ended for the time being. Chris went home.

When my other doctor came in this morning to check on me I told her what happened and she reviewed the monitoring strips from last night and really didn’t find anything very alarming after all. My doctors want to push ahead and get the babies to 34 weeks and then talk about delivering between 34 and 35 weeks. Things are so crazy around here sometimes.

On a different note, the Director of the NICU came to see me yesterday and asked if I want to go see the babies in the NICU. I was so excited! This would be my first journey out of the hallway in 19 days. I got in my wheelchair and we saw some babies that were born at 32 and 33 weeks. She said, “aren’t those nice sized babies?” I told her that they looked pretty small to me. She told me that to the nurses in the NICU those are very big healthy babies. She showed me a set of twin girls born at 33 weeks and said that my babies would probably look like that. They were small indeed, but not shocking. They were such sweet little babies, one on her back asleep and the other on her belly all curled up with her little bottom sticking up in the air. I was very grateful to get to go in and really look at the babies. I still can’t imagine how I have 3 of those sized babies in me right now but I soon will.

Chris is going to take some new pictures of the big belly today and post them. It will be interesting for me because I can’t see my belly well and I don’t have a mirror in my room. I am sure it is alarmingly large. Amazingly, I don’t have stretch marks. If I get stretch marks now I will be so disappointed – to have made it this far and get them at the end seems unfair šŸ™‚

Well, the mothership is signing off until next time.


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