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My Unpredictable Life February 19, 2008

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Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve written and I have a few things that have happened over the week. First of all, I thought I may have the babies last Friday or Saturday. Thursday night my doctor came into my room and told me that she was busier earlier when I was doing my ultrasound but when she got a chance to review it she was concerned because Baby B, my high maintenance child, had only gained a few ounces from two weeks ago. My doctor wanted to do an indepth ultrasound Friday and see if maybe Baby B isn’t in a good environment to thrive n the womb ianymore. I called Chris in tears because I thought I was going to have the babies Friday or Saturday and I was disappointed that they were such tiny little things. The women in my triplet chat room reminded me that the most important thing is that the babies pass their gestational milestones rather than how much they weigh. That made me feel better. So, we had our families on standby and ready for the babies to come. I had my ultrasound on Friday and what my other doctor told me was that the babies’ growth has slowed down but it is not at all unusual for that to happen with triplets. I was also told that the placentas, umbilical cords and everything else was looking good. Baby B’s placenta is just showing signs of getting tired out but my doctor said the babies are for sure better off inside than outside at this point. False alarm! That is how it is around here. Things here in the hospital can change so quickly from day to day. The incident did buy me another monitoring each day, which means I have to be monitored 3 times a day rather than two.

So, here I am at 33 weeks living this surreal life in my hospital room trying to make these babies as healthy and big as I can so they can have an easier start at life. I do want to go home very much. I miss my family and I miss just being in my house and living my normal life. But really, I probably only have another week here, maybe two at the most. I will get another ultrasound in a week and we will take things from there. I can’t wait to have my body back and not be so uncomfortable all the time. I think Baby A is sitting on a bunch of nerves that run through my groin and it is so painful when I move my right leg or walk around. Baby B and C are up by my ribs and sometimes they push their little bodies so hard up against my belly that it feels like a major contraction that lasts a long time.

Well, I had a nice day yesterday with lots of visitors which made my day so much more interesting and fun. Today is a quiet day and the weather has turned cloudy and it will rain soon. I will watch the rain from my window and probably just eat, eat, eat.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off!


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