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An Eventful Day February 15, 2008

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I had my ultrasound at 11 this morning and Chris was here to watch since it was a big one. It went really well and all the babies look great. They are so smooshed in there that I feel sorry for them. The ultrasound tech did measurements to determine the weights and they are all around 3 1/2 pounds but at this point they are so big and smooshed that it is hard to do much with accuracy. The ultrasound was very painful and uncomfortable. I’ve noticed that my belly has become very sensitive as the babies press against it so much. The ultrasound tech was pressing the wand so hard into my belly all the way down to my very sore groin. Not fun. But the good part was that all the babies passed their test for now. I was secretly hoping they weighed 4 pounds but I knew in reality that it was too much to ask for. My overenthusiastic and very bored male nurse was in the room to observe. Luckily for him, I am not very modest because it was all pretty much all out there for the world to see. I realized at one point that one of my boobs was fully exposed for who knows how long. It is the least of my concerns at this point.

My sister came down and the three of us visited for awhile. We ate our lunches and then I went on the monitors. I started having very regular contractions like I always do when they put me on the monitors. It is all the pressure of the monitor devices and the girdle I have to wear to hold them in place that contributes to my discomfort. And then just sitting in one place for an hour is very hard for me. Anyway, my nurse didn’t like my contractions and told my doctor that I was having painful contractions, which I wasn’t. She ordered an IV for me. That is when I rebelled. I told the nurse that I have those contractions every night and they give me an extra dose of medicine and take me off the monitors and my contractions go away. I also told her that my contractions aren’t painful, which is a big deal. I begged her to take me off the monitors and let me relax a little and they will go away. She reluctantly conceded and before she even had me off the monitors, my contractions had greatly improved. I hate getting the IV more than anything because it hurts going in and for me it hurts the whole time I have it in. I also knew that once I got the IV in that I probably wouldn’t get it taken out until after the babies were born. Hospitals are funny like that. So I in the end, I think my strong mental anti-IV powers worked to stop the contractions.

Oh and I know everyone is on pins and needles about the outcome of my dreadlocks. Well, it took about 10 minutes, but I brushed through all my dreads and actually got in the shower and washed my hair. It is now nicely braided.

Well, enough typing for me, I don’t want to bring on any contractions!


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