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32 Weeks Today! February 11, 2008

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I made it to 32 weeks, probably the biggest milestone for a triplet pregnancy. My doctors would like to see me get to 34 weeks and then after that the babies will come out if anything at all starts happening such as stronger contractions, amniotic fluid leaking, baby heart rate decells, etc.

I also am happy to report that I was moved into my own private room last night and now I have privacy, my own shower and even a DVD player in my room. Oh the luxury of it. Last night I enjoyed a nice hot shower. I sat my big old self down on the stool in the shower and just let that hot water hit my belly for about 15 minutes.

I had lots of great visitors yesterday, starting with Mike in the morning who brought me a Starbucks coffee without even knowing that I had been dreaming of one all morning. He must have felt my Starbucks vibes. Then my mom and dad brought Ava to visit and it was so nice to see them. I feel guilty that I can’t be home for Ava but she has so many wonderful people who love her around her all the time that it makes me feel better. Then my old friends Michele and Nicola came to visit and we had some great conversation while we drank our chocolate shakes they brought 🙂

The babies continue to do very well on the monitors. I am absolutely starving lately – starving as in I am still hungry after I eat a big meal. The scary kind of starving where I make sure I always have food on my tray beside me. Right now I have a huge plate of fruit and a protein shake I am working my way through. Those babies must be growing. Speaking of growing babies, I used to only feel Baby B and C up in my ribs and down the side of my belly. Now I can feel babies kicking me in my hip bones as well. They are literally taking over my body but at least I know they must be growing. Baby A continues to have hiccups all day and yesterday Baby A and C had hiccups at the same time – that was a strange feeling.

Something sad happened yesterday. I am part of a chat group on babycenter.com with women who are at different stages of pregnancy with triplets. The group is great for questions and to follow others along in this journey. There was a posting last night telling us that one of the triplet moms who was 20 weeks along had broken her water and had to deliver all three babies. As you probably know, babies don’t survive ouside the womb at 20 weeks – they have to be at least 24 weeks and even at that age they may not live. It was such a reality check for me and I felt so fortunate to have made it past that scary stage of pregnancy. I did feel very badly for all the women who are in our chat room and are around 20 weeks – that must have been very scary news for them.

On a brighter note, the nursery is completely done and it turned out really cute. Thank you Chris, Molly and Maureen for all your hard work getting that big project done. Chris is posting the pictures of the nursery at some point today.

I hope everyone enjoys the weather today. I actually can see sunlight and trees through the window of my new room which is a nice perk.

Oh, my new room number is 226 for those of you who wanted to know!

The mothership is signing off now so I can continue eating . . . until next time.


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