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The Latest Ultrasound February 4, 2008

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I spent the entire day yesterday in a lot of discomfort and pain. Since I have arrived at the hospital the babies have been very quiet and not moving around a whole lot. It didn’t concern me because I think we all had such a stressful Thursday night that they needed the sleep and rest as much as I did. I know that three of us got a good sleep while one of us tossed and turned and got woken up by nurses all night. Hmmm, who would that have been? Well, I woke up on Sunday morning and didn’t feel good. I was so uncomfortable and in pain. My ribs, which have now expanded up below my breasts, were killing me. I could hardly breath. I don’t even know where my stomach is right now because I have been told that Baby C resides where my stomach should be. Well, the babies were moving and kicking and rolling around all day that day. My belly felt like it had gotten a lot bigger just overnight. I wondered to myself many times yesterday if any mom pregnant with multiples has ever had a rib break in the process, since that is what I was feeling was happening to me.

Well, my ultrasound tech came around today, Monday, and she hooked me up and looked at the babies. They were all looking great but getting so crowded. There was only one thing in question: what happened to Baby C’s head? It was on his body just a few short days ago and now it was undetectable. When I told my dad that Baby C’s head was missing for awhile he suggested that maybe one of the other babies had eaten it. This may seem like a strange comment but those of you who know my dad will find this comment completely normal. Well, the ultrasound tech was completely fascinated to discover that Baby C’s head was actually behind Baby B’s head. They are now head to head with one of the babies’ bodies curving around my right side and the other baby’s body curving around the left side of my abdomen. And, both heads are wedged up in my ribs – go figure! No wonder I have had so much pain up in my ribs.

Today I just feel like I have bruised ribs but the pain is a little better. I am hoping those babies will decide to turn their little bodies around so their heads are facing down again, and out of uncomfortable spaces that I like to call my own.

The babies are doing fantastic and if I hadn’t had that active day Thursday I would still be at home. But, I know this is a better place for me so I will stick it out here. Ava seems to be adjusting well to life without me at home but I worry about if and when that will change. She has never been away from me for very long. I tell myself it is good for her and her budding independence and it gives me some peace. She has a lot of changes ahead and I just want her to be happy. She certainly is a happy little girl this far into the process and is so excited about her sisters and brother coming, but we’ll see how she feels about it when they are home. Yesterday I warned her about how babies cry a lot because they aren’t big girls like her and they don’t know how to talk. The way they talk to us and tell us things is by crying. Her response was simple . .. “oh, is that right?”. Three year olds are so funny.

Until next time . . . the mothership needs a nap.


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