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28 1/2 Weeks January 18, 2008

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Today Chris and I went to our 28 week perinatal doctors appointment. I never know what to expect at these appointments. Will my winning cervix start succomming to the pressures of all those babies? Will the babies growth start slowing down because of the lack of room in the uterus? Thankfully, my appointment today went really well and the doctors haven’t put me on bed rest but they have limited me to the following exciting activities: taking a shower, going to the bathroom, making myself lunch (frozen meal usually), and if I’m feeling really crazy I can go out on a short one hour errand.

Today the girl babies weighed in at 2.4 and 2.5 pounds while the boy baby weighs 2.6 pounds. They are still keeping up with a singleton baby at this point but this is the time when they may start lagging behind. Baby A and Baby C are head to head on the left side of my belly (see picture below) while baby B’s head is on the right side at Baby A’s feet.

It is getting harder to see all the cool details that we saw at the 18 week ultrasound because they are getting so cramped in there. But it is still so great to see their little legs and head and arms and hear each of their heartbeats.

My goal is to make it to 35 weeks. I have already reached a major milestone at 28 weeks. Now our babies have made it past the point of major developmental problems if they happened to be born now. My next milestone is 32 weeks when we can cross brain bleeds and a few other horrible sounding conditions off the list.

I am going to be able to reach my goal more easily now that my nanny Laura started this last Monday. Wow, what a relief. Ava took to Laura the first minute she came on Monday and they have been having a great time ever since. They play hard all day while I can sit and relax in my bed and incubate. It has been such a relief to have Laura here and have Ava accept her with open arms.

The mothership is signing off . . . until next time.


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