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Documenting the journey of raising triplets and their wild big sister

Making Room For 3 More Babies January 16, 2008

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So far we have rearranged three whole rooms in our house to accommodate our new enlarged family. Pool table – gone. That was the first thing to go. Now that it is gone I wonder why we didn’t get rid of it years ago. We tranformed our former billiard room into a very nice and functional playroom. Instead of billiard balls we have baby and kid books. Instead of billiard room themed art we have the new and deluxe “creativity center” for all the cutting, coloring, puzzle constructing and toys our kids hearts could desire. Instead of the pool table itself, we have vibrating seats and the craft table and chairs. There will eventually be a big gate that blocks the playroom off from the rest of the house so I can corral my herd into one safe area.

The room upstairs that used to be Ava’s playroom is now the baby nursery. Chris painted it a peaceful blue and painted big trees with birds on it which he traced from a projected computer image. It’s pretty cool. We have three nice cribs set up and ready to go. Many of my awesome friends have given me baby clothes to help dress all these little monkeys. Those clothes are in piles strewn about the baby room.

There is much more to be done but we have made good progress so far!


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